Local Spotlight: Salt Oasis

Welcome to Salt Oasis. More than a wellness retreat, Salt Oasis is an escape from everyday life. Inspired by the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland, and located right here in Southern California near the heart of Rancho Cucamonga, Salt Oasis is your new key to unlocking optimal health and blissful tranquility.    The team over… Read More »

What is Cannabis Tolerance?

Are you struggling to get even half as high as you did when you first started smoking? Or does your favorite flower strain fail to hit nearly as heavy as it used to?    If you can relate to either of the above, you more than likely have a high cannabis tolerance.    In this… Read More »

HyperWolf Strains of the Week: 1/23

New to the top shelf cannabis game? We’ve got you covered.    As Southern California’s premier weed delivery service, it’s our responsibility to curate the best cannabis menu in the state by taking into consideration nug density, terpene profile, parent genetics, growing conditions, trichome density, color… the list goes on.   It’s our mission, as… Read More »

Local Spotlight: Chronic Tacos

Authentic Mexican food with a California vibe… look no further than Chronic Tacos.    It’s no secret that [arguably] the most authentic Mexican food in the US is right here in sunny Southern California; after all, taco trucks, family-owned restaurants, and the most authentic grocery stores you’ve ever stepped foot in are synonymous with the… Read More »

Boveda: Humidity Control at its Finest

It’s the same cycle on repeat: You purchase an eighth of flower, maybe neglect to store the container in ‘ideal conditions,’ and suddenly find yourself with dried out weed in just a few weeks’ time. It’s the plight of the modern stoner.    Enter: Boveda.   Boveda packs disrupt the aforementioned cycle by keeping weed… Read More »

HyperWolf Strains of the Week: 1/16

If you’re interested in tapping into the top shelf cannabis market but don’t know where to begin, we’ve got you covered. With modern growing techniques and new dispensaries popping up every week promising ‘the highest quality bud,’ it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to differentiate between the good and the bad.     That’s where we come… Read More »

Local Spotlight: Haven City Market

It’s no secret that Southern California is a massive stretch of land that encompasses a diverse variety of cities housing different landscapes, etchnic backgrounds, personalities, and more. With that being said, the options were endless when deciding where to establish Haven City Market.   However, due to its rich history and agricultural background, Rancho Cucamonga… Read More »

Industry Insights: 5 Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana

How familiar are you with the ongoing push to legalize recreational marijuana in recent years? Since 2012, states all across the US have slowly and steadily begun the process of legalizing recreational cannabis. Arguments have been made regarding the benefits, anti-marijuana concerns have been presented, but most importantly, bills have been voted on and signed… Read More »

HyperWolf Strains of the Week: 1/9

If you’re interested in tapping into the top shelf cannabis market, and exclusively consuming only the best, we’ve got you covered. We understand that it can be difficult to determine between the good and the bad, so we’ve come up with a way to do the hard work for you.    While curating our specialized… Read More »

Local Spotlight: Little Coyote

Heading to Long Beach? Craving NY style pizza? Well, you’re in luck! Little Coyote is the place to go — one bite and you’ll be mentally transported to a pizza shop on a busy corner deep in the Bronx.    But we know what you’re thinking… NY style pizza in LA? There’s no way. But… Read More »

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

If you’ve ever had to take a drug test, you may be familiar with the anxious anticipation leading up to the results, especially if you’ve consumed THC in recent days. Maybe you’re taking a drug test to land your dream job. Maybe you’re taking a court-mandated drug test. Or maybe you’re just trying to detox… Read More »

HyperWolf Strains of the Week: 1/2

We’re passionate about introducing you to the world of top shelf cannabis, but without sacrificing affordability. With a team of experts behind us, we’re always searching for the best strains in the business, and invest our time and effort towards determining what’s considered to be the ‘best of the best’ by analyzing nug density, terpene… Read More »

Local Spotlight: Fight Syndicate

The mecca of mixed martial arts. A gym that breeds champions. A safe haven for the community.    Fight Syndicate has heard it all — and rightfully so! When Beau King, founder and Temecula/Murrieta local, founded the MMA gym in his hometown, he was backed by a deep passion for martial arts and driven by… Read More »

Is Cannabis Addictive?

If you attended middle school between the years of 1983-2009, then you most likely completed the D.A.R.E program. If not, we’ll catch you up to speed; basically, a police officer taught ‘Drug Abuse Resistance Education’ to classrooms all across the country. We vaguely remember something about a required essay and a lion mascot, but we’ve… Read More »

HyperWolf Strains of the Week: 12/26

Top shelf cannabis is for everybody. Whether you’re new to the stoner life or you’ve been smoking for years, you deserve to indulge in the best of the best. And that’s exactly what we’re helping you to do through our curated collection of premium flower.    In order to determine what’s considered to be premium… Read More »

Local Spotlight: Edna Vees Public House

Covina is a city of locals — locals who show up, show out, and support each and every member of their community. So, what happens when two locals (and best friends) open a thriving public house that not only welcomes members of their community, but also supports local initiatives and hosts charitable events?    You… Read More »

Industry Insights: 7 Unique Careers in the Cannabis Industry

Few industries are quite as unique as the cannabis industry. Even though it’s relatively new and still in its infancy, the legal marijuana industry has grown at an astoundingly accelerated pace and has played a huge role in defining modern culture and the next generation. Needless to say, we’re here for it.   When the… Read More »

HyperWolf Strains of the Week: 12/19

Top shelf cannabis is our passion. As self-appointed cannabis connoisseurs, we’ve made it the mission of our entire company to provide you with a curated selection of top shelf strains. In order to do so, we source only premium flower offered at an affordable price point because everybody deserves to indulge in high quality cannabis. … Read More »

Local Spotlight: Native Fields

Many restaurants in Los Angeles County offer an organic menu; however, few restaurants seek to provide options that nourish the surrounding community with a selection of dishes sourced from local farmers markets — guaranteed to be pesticide-free and non-GMO.    But then again, not many restaurants can compare to Native Fields: A locally owned, cafe-style… Read More »

Best Cannabis Strains for Nighttime

What does your nighttime routine look like?   For us, catching some z’s has become a nightly ritual that varies by the day. Sometimes we pick up a book, sometimes we endlessly scroll through our phone, and sometimes we turn on our favorite show before dozing off and waking up only to realize that we’ve… Read More »

HyperWolf Strains of the Week: 12/12

Top shelf cannabis is for everybody; it’s as simple as that. Everybody deserves to indulge in only the best flower on the market; however, we understand that it can be difficult to determine between the good and the bad. And that’s where we come in.    We do the hard work for you, paying close… Read More »

Local Spotlight: Bushfire Kitchen

How do you define comfort food?    To us, comfort foods are the classic meals that we grew up with. Those Sunday night family dinners that were hearty, delicious, and undoubtedly heavy on the calories. But now as adults, cholesterol is a concern and healthy meals have routinely replaced those calorie-dense dinners we came to… Read More »

Best Cannabis Strains for Daytime

There’s nothing quite like a wake ‘n’ bake sesh. Morning smokes may [arguably] be the best way to start the day — after coffee, of course. Whether you prefer a joint, bowl, or bong, a few inhales of your favorite flower sets the tone for the day ahead.    Even if you don’t find yourself… Read More »

HyperWolf Strains of the Week: 12/5

Needless to say, we know a thing or two about top shelf cannabis. Backed by a team of experts and driven by our ongoing passion for the best strains in the business, we put great effort towards determining what’s considered to be the ‘best of the best’ by analyzing nug density, terpene profile, parent genetics,… Read More »

Local Spotlight: Bottega Italia

In Old Town Temecula, you’ll find a variety of different restaurants; mostly serving American food with just a few Mexican and Mediterranean joints scattered in the mix. And then, in the very heart of it all, you’ll find Bottega Italia — an upscale, yet inviting, Italian food spot that is guaranteed to absolutely blow your… Read More »

Stoner School: How to Use and Take Care of Your Dab Rig

We can’t stress this enough: Clean. Your. Dab. Rig.   Even when you’re stoned out of your mind and the last thing in the world you want to do is clean your dab rig, allow the boujee stoner in you to take charge and truly take care of your pieces; at the very least, when… Read More »

HyperWolf Strains of the Week: 11/28

Do you exclusively smoke top shelf cannabis? Us too. But that’s not to brag because we wholeheartedly believe that top shelf cannabis is for everybody. With that being said, we’ve made it our life’s mission, and the mission of HyperWolf as a whole, to offer top shelf cannabis at affordable price points to everybody —… Read More »

Best Cannabis Flower in California

High quality cannabis, especially flower, can be hard to come by. Luckily, we live in The Golden State; the mecca of cannabis, in our humble opinions. Between the ideal growing conditions in northern California, the legacy operators that have made California such an epicenter for superb flower, and the tastemakers that have set the industry… Read More »

HyperWolf Strains of the Week: 11/21

We stand by the idea that top shelf cannabis is for everybody. Everybody deserves to experience the best flower on the market, but it can be difficult to sift through the good and the bad, deciding which is which. So, we’re here to help.    To determine what’s considered to be the ‘best of the… Read More »

Best Cannabis Concentrates in California

So let’s be real here… nobody starts their cannabis journeys by tackling concentrates right away; however, for those who’ve graduated to hitting their dab rigs on a daily basis, you know good cannabis concentrates when you see—or smoke—them.   It’s no secret that we’re self-proclaimed cannabis connoisseurs, bud experts, and ultimately, just your everyday stoners… Read More »

HyperWolf Strains of the Week: 11/14

When it comes to top shelf cannabis, we know a thing or two. To determine what’s considered to be the ‘best of the best,’ we take into consideration nug density, terpene profile, parent genetics, growing conditions, trichome density, color… the list goes on. As bonafide cannabis connoisseurs, we’ve made it our life’s mission, and the… Read More »

Best Cannabis Edibles in California

Ahhh… edibles. You either love them or you hate them. Us? We love them — if you couldn’t already tell by our Guide to Edibles and Edibles for Newcomers blogs. With that being said, we put extra time and attention towards curating a menu of edibles that we’re proud to stamp our black and yellow… Read More »

The Best California Pre-Rolls

We’ve been on a quest to find the best California pre rolls. Of course, we’re partial to our very own HyperWolf cold-cured live rosin-infused WolfWalker joints. However, our pre roll menu features some of the best brands in the cannabis industry that consistently release high-quality weed pre rolls.    For all you who smoke weed… Read More »

The 6 Best Weed Cartridges in California

Vapes have taken over the country and cannabis industry in recent years. Turn a corner, and you’ll likely run into somebody smoking a vape or bumming a few puffs from a friend. Every smoke shop and gas station carries non-medicated disposable vape pens to puff on, and dispensaries across the nation carry cannabis vapes ranging… Read More »

Stoner Hacks: How to Store Weed

There are plenty of stoner hacks, but few as important as how to store your weed. Imagine buying a couple eighths or an ounce of your favorite fresh flower, only to store it improperly and end up with a crumbly, dry, maybe even moldy mess. Couldn’t be us! And we’re not going to let that… Read More »

11OH9: The Compound Behind the High

Even the biggest stoners can agree: Edibles. Hit. Hard.    Throughout the weed community, edibles are notorious for being an extremely potent way to consume cannabis. A dose even slightly over your tolerance level can easily have you questioning every life choice you’ve made up until that moment. However, this isn’t to scare you! But… Read More »

What’s Your Mood? Indica vs. Hybrid vs. Sativa

  Indica, sativa, or hybrid… What’s your go-to?   Since April of 2022, we’ve been enjoying all of the latest updates to hyperwolf.com; from the new user interface, to the Wolfpack Rewards Program, and everything in between. While surfing through our menu, you may have noticed a few new icons:     Our ‘mood icons’… Read More »

Stoner Hacks: How to Hide or Get Rid of the Smell of Weed

Even the biggest stoners don’t necessarily want their home, or themselves, smelling like weed. Admittedly, weed has a pretty pungent smell. While we may love the smell and can differentiate between good and bad weed based on the scent alone, not everybody is on the same page.    With that being said, sometimes extra precautions… Read More »

Stoner School: How Much is an Eighth of Weed?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: weed industry lingo isn’t always the easiest to decipher. However, understanding certain terms and phrases not only saves you in the smoke circle, but could potentially save you money during the checkout process.    If you listen in on a conversation between a pair of stoners,… Read More »

Stoner Hacks: How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

So you’re preparing for a smoke sesh only to realize that something is missing — your grinder is nowhere to be found. Every stoner knows the struggle and has found themselves researching ‘how to grind weed without a grinder’ at some point.   While some smokers swear that a grinder is a key and crucial… Read More »

What are Moon Rocks and How to Smoke Moon Rocks?

There’s high… and then there’s moon rocks high. If you’re looking for an out of this world lunar experience, these nugs are for you.   Super concentrated and incredibly potent, moon rocks are the cannabis connoisseur’s secret weapon to achieving that nostalgic numbing high that feels just like the very first time you smoked a… Read More »

HyperWolf’s Guide to Edibles

In our experience, you either love them or you hate them. If you couldn’t already guess, we’re talking about edibles.    As potentially the most polarizing way to consume cannabis, the key to edibles is to learn as much as you can about them in order to make an educated decision about your ideal experience.… Read More »

HyperWolf’s Guide to Pre-Rolls

Maybe you’re crunched for time, maybe you ran out of rolling papers, maybe you don’t have enough flower to get the job done, or maybe you’re just not in the mood; whatever the reason may be, sometimes rolling a joint just isn’t an option.    And we get that.    Enter: Pre-Rolls. Arguably the best… Read More »

HyperWolf’s Guide to Vapes

If you’re anything like us, you carry your vape at all times. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for when you need a quick puff of sativa, and it’s [arguably] the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy the benefits of marijuana anytime, anywhere — though some could say the same about edibles.    Anyways, in the… Read More »

HyperWolf’s Guide to Flower

Flower is the most recognizable form of cannabis; after all, everything cannabis-related originates from the plant itself.    When you see it, you know what it is. When you smell it, you definitely know what it is. And when you taste it, that’s when the real fun begins. But what classifies good flower?    As… Read More »

Stoner School: History of Cannabis

We get it — history probably wasn’t your favorite subject in high school. Maybe you were whispering to your friends in the back of the classroom, hiding your phone under the desk, or borderline falling asleep; either way, you probably don’t even remember too much of what was actually discussed.    But then again, your… Read More »

HyperWolf’s Guide to Concentrates

Bubble hash, terp sugar, crumble… the options are nearly endless and the terminology can be confusing.   Cannabis concentrates achieve greater potency and flavor with manufacturing processes that strip the terpenes and cannabinoids from the cannabis flower to create a highly “concentrated” product. This idea is not new. Hash, a form of concentrate, has been… Read More »

Does Weed Expire?

It’s an inevitable fact of life that most consumable goods expire at some point. From the loaf of bread in your pantry, to the head of lettuce in your vegetable drawer, and even that bottle of Tylenol that you’ve had in your medicine cabinet for a few years, everything has that printed ‘best by’ date… Read More »

Hyperwolf Rewards Program

HyperWolf Rewards Program

You asked, and we delivered. After much consideration and fine tuning the details, we’ve finally rolled out our rewards program.   The long-awaited program rewards you for doing what you do best: smoking weed. We wanted to thank you for your loyalty to HyperWolf, so we set out to create a system that gives you… Read More »

Moisture Content & Curing

Hundreds of factors could potentially affect your toking experience. From physical elements such as your smoking circle to more technical factors like the terpene profile, it’s important to take note of your preferences in order to curate the best possible experience for yourself every single time.    We’ve already shared everything you need to know… Read More »

Best Practices for an Even Burn

Best Practices for an Even Burn

We’ve all smoked a bad joint at least once; if you haven’t, consider yourself one of the lucky few.    Maybe it was your first time rolling or maybe you were unfortunate enough to join an inexperienced rotation; either way, we can all agree that a few things happen when the joint isn’t packed quite… Read More »

Resin vs. Rosin: What's the Difference?

Resin vs. Rosin: What’s the Difference?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the world of craft cannabis can be confusing, to say the least. Coupled with the creative marketing terminology that brands use to set their products apart from the competition, it can be unnecessarily confusing to shop for that perfect strain to keep you creatively inspired throughout… Read More »

Sustainable Brands at HyperWolf

Sustainable Brands at HyperWolf

If you have not yet tapped into the sustainability movement, there is no better time to do so. With the rise of eco-conscious brands and the numerous efforts set in place to move towards a greener future, it is easier than ever to lead a sustainable lifestyle. And with that in mind, what better place… Read More »

Terpenes 101

Terpenes 101

We’ve come to the general conclusion that there are two types of cannabis consumers: those who understand the botanical science behind cannabis and those who don’t. Today we’re speaking directly to those who don’t because while terpenes are a common buzzword in the weed industry, many everyday consumers don’t fully understand them.    If you’ve… Read More »

Munchies Explained

Munchies… Explained

So you’re halfway through your second joint and suddenly feel the first pangs of hunger… and that’s your queue to grab the snacks because you’ve come down with a classic case of the munchies.    Munchies are so ingrained in cannabis culture that we often overlook the sensation and don’t think much of it, but… Read More »

Edibles for Newcomers

Edibles for Newcomers

In the world of weed, edibles are an OG classic; however, since the legalization of marijuana in California, the edible game has leveled up — in other words, these aren’t the pot brownies you made in college.   Instead, cannabis companies have capitalized on the popularity of weed-infused treats and have taken the opportunity to… Read More »

Delivering Your Order

Who’s Delivering Your Order?

We get it; you place a lot of trust in your weed delivery drivers to deliver your order in 60 minutes or less, all while remaining kind, courteous, and as discreet as possible.   Weed delivery drivers are basically the unsung heroes of this day and age, and preserving their heroic reputation while ensuring a… Read More »

Women Owned Brands on the HyperWolf Platform

Women Owned Brands on the HyperWolf Platform

The future is female and just as the world is making way for powerful feminine forces, the cannabis industry is following suit. Despite being a historically male-saturated space, women currently hold big roles as innovators, CEOs, buyers, growers… the list goes on. Here at HyperWolf, it’s among our greatest responsibilities to highlight the women-owned brands… Read More »