Edibles for Newcomers

In the world of weed, edibles are an OG classic; however, since the legalization of marijuana in California, the edible game has leveled up — in other words, these aren’t the pot brownies you made in college. Instead, cannabis companies have capitalized on the popularity of weed-infused treats and have taken the opportunity to craft… Read More »

Who’s Delivering Your Order?

We get it; you place a lot of trust in your weed delivery drivers to deliver your order in 60 minutes or less, all while remaining kind, courteous, and as discreet as possible.    Weed delivery drivers are basically the unsung heroes of this day and age, and preserving their heroic reputation while ensuring a… Read More »

Women Owned Brands on the HyperWolf Platform

The future is female and just as the world is making way for powerful feminine forces, the cannabis industry is following suit. Despite being a historically male-saturated space, women currently hold big roles as innovators, CEOs, buyers, growers… the list goes on. Here at HyperWolf, it’s among our greatest responsibilities to highlight the women-owned brands… Read More »