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HyperWolf’s Guide to Flower

Flower is the most recognizable form of cannabis; after all, everything cannabis-related originates from the plant itself. 


When you see it, you know what it is. When you smell it, you definitely know what it is. And when you taste it, that’s when the real fun begins. But what classifies good flower? 


As cannabis connoisseurs and experts in all things flower, we’re here to make sure that you know exactly which characteristics are most important while shopping for bud. So, without further ado, here’s HyperWolf’s guide to flower.


What are Trichomes?


After the flower has been dried, the moisture content is assessed, and the curing process is complete, you’re left with the nugs we all know and love — if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our blog discussing everything you need to know about moisture content and curing


While examining bud, the first thing we look for are an abundance of those small, sticky appendages that resemble crystals and cover the surface of the nug; otherwise known as trichomes. While trichomes serve a crucial function in protecting the plant during the growing process, they play an [arguably] even more important role for us stoners because the real magic of cannabis lies in those tiny crystalline appendages. 


Given that trichomes are where the cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, are found, it should come as no surprise that we look for bud that has plenty of trichomes. In other words, we like our flower icey. 


What Color Is Cannabis Flower?


Purple leaves, orange hairs, yellow hues… needless to say, weed can look exotic at times. While green is typically the most predominant color, tones of purple, gold, orange, and yellow are not only common, but oftentimes celebrated.


The color can be attributed to the following phytochemicals:

  • Anthocyanin — Blue/Purple
  • Anthoxanthin — White/Cream
  • Carotenoids — Yellow/Orange
  • Chlorophyll — Green
  • Lycopene — Red

A common misconception within the weed community is that the diverse range of colors produce a more potent bud when in fact, the potency lies within the trichomes as we previously mentioned. However, while examining bud, it’s important to note whether or not the colors are rich and distinguishable so as to avoid dry, tasteless flower. 


How Does Cannabis Flower Make You Feel?


More often than not, you’ll see cannabis connossieurs and budtenders testing for density and stickiness by pulling apart the nugs and examining the sticky residue left on their fingers. 


In terms of density, many cannabis connoisseurs tend to lean more towards the idea that the denser the nug, the better the flower. While dense nugs tend to yield more flower, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are of a higher quality. Fluffy nugs can still be high quality; however, expect to use more flower to roll the perfect joint or blunt


If you’re not too picky about density, definitely be sure to pay extra close attention to stickiness. Sticky nugs allude to the fact that the bud has an abundance of trichomes; therefore, the flower will inevitably have a higher cannabinoid and terpene content. 


What Does Cannabis Flower Smell Like?


There’s nothing quite like opening an eighth of weed and taking in the pungent scent of weed. Whether it’s gassy and features notable hints of diesel, or it leans a bit more on the sweet, floraly side, good weed smells… good!


Rule of thumb is that if flower doesn’t have a strong, pungent scent, chances are that it isn’t of the highest quality because cannabis that’s harvested too early in its life cycle, tends to have a milder scent and less powerful high. On the other hand, flower that’s cultivated to the highest standards smells strong, its scent profile is noticeable and typically distinguishable, and the weed is loud. 


What Is the Terpene Content of Cannabis Flower?


As we’ve reiterated throughout this blog, an abundance of trichomes typically results in a higher cannabinoid and terpene content. As self-proclaimed terpene nerds, we always aim to cultivate and source flower with the highest terpene content, as well as put a portion of our time and effort towards educating our audience about terpene content. That said, be sure to read our Terpene 101 blog to learn everything you need to know about terpenes and how they define your experience. 


In order to properly test for terpene content, flower must undergo laboratory testing. Given that you most likely don’t have access to that sort of equipment, we always suggest speaking with our customer support team and reviewing the terpene content as outlined on the product description and packaging (if available) in order to get a better understanding of the terpene content.


So, there you have it! Head to hyperwolf.com to place a weed delivery order and start your journey towards becoming a cannabis connoisseur.