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HyperWolf Strains of the Week: 11/14

When it comes to top shelf cannabis, we know a thing or two. To determine what’s considered to be the ‘best of the best,’ we take into consideration nug density, terpene profile, parent genetics, growing conditions, trichome density, color… the list goes on.

As bonafide cannabis connoisseurs, we’ve made it our life’s mission, and the mission of our entire company, to provide you with the best of the best in the world of weed; to source only premium flower, offered at an affordable price point because everybody deserves to indulge in high quality cannabis. So, when we took the time to search through our collection of strains, it sparked an idea — let’s share a weekly list of 5 rotating strains that our customers need to try ASAP. 

Not only are the strains mentioned below featured on our rotating menu, but they’re of the highest quality; taking into consideration every facet of the strain and individual buds the plant produces. Rest assured that each and every strain mentioned on this list is worth trying; so whether you’re allowing this list to guide your weekly hyperwolf.com weed delivery order, or you’re just curious about what’s considered ‘the best’ in the cannabis industry, keep reading for top 5 strains of the week.

1. Casino KushCBX 

HyperWolf Strains of the Week: 11/14

Mood: Indica

Vibes: Chill, Sleepy, Hungry

Terpenes: Pinene, Myrcene, Limonene


Description: It’s no secret that CBX cultivates some of the best, most unique top-shelf strains in the industry — and Casino Kush is no exception. A few hits of this high roller and you’ll be feeling extra lucky to have Casino Kush in your weed stash. White Walker OG x Blue Flame cross to create an indica-leaning hybrid that’s robust and spicy with a notable hint of fuel. This award-winning flower has easily earned its exclusive top-shelf status, and definitely a spot in your weekly weed rotation.

2. High SocietyHyperWolf 

Mood: Indica

Vibes: Chill, Sleepy, Euphoric

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Pinene

Description: Welcome to High Society, an exclusive sector of stoner culture that welcomes only premium strains and expert level tokers. As a cross between Biscotti x Jet Fuel OG, our very own High Society strain lives up to such a regal reputation. Absolutely loaded with trichomes, this top-shelf strain gives off a fruity and gassy aroma that makes way for a spicy, sweet, and gassy flavor on the exhale — definitely a standout strain worthy of your attention.

3. Delicata GrapesCannaLuca

Mood: Hybrid

Vibes: Relaxed, Euphoric, Uplifted

Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene

Description: With a strong terpene profile, colorful buds, and sticky texture, Delicata Grapes from CannaLuca is truly top-shelf, indoor flower at its finest. Created by crossed Grape Nana x Gelato #33, Delicata Grapes is delicious and sweet, producing a cerebral high that just makes you feel… good. And isn’t that the end goal to every smoking sesh? It’s no secret that CannaLuca has burst on the cannabis scene in a BIG way, and Delicata Grapes is the perfect strain to consider as your intro to this worthwhile top-shelf cannabis brand.

4. DoppelgängerFig Farms

Mood: Hybrid

Vibes: Elevated, Hazy, Relaxed

Description: Same, but different — you know? Doppelgänger from Fig Farms is a crazy unique Purple Fig F2 phenotype that promises a dialed-back flavor profile of ammonia with a tropical undertone, and true hybrid effects that take you on a journey from initially elevated to sleepy and relaxed. From start to finish, this unique premium strain is an experience that must be had by every smoker whether new or experienced.

5. GeminiAlien Labs

Mood: Hybrid

Vibes: Relaxed, Sleepy, Relieved

Terpenes: Terpinolene, Caryophyllene

Description: Geminis are known to be two-faced; in this case, a little sweet, a little spicy, and a whole lot of flavor. Born from 2Face OG x Area 51, Gemini boasts a sweet, gassy aroma with an earthy, peppery flavor.

Do you currently have any of our 5 strains of the week in your weed stash? Whether you answered yes or no, we encourage you to add one of these delicious strains to your next hyperwolf.com weed delivery order. Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a review, and check back next week for another list of 5 strains you need to try ASAP.