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Weed Vapes: Benefits vs. Disadvantages

It’s 2023 and cannabis vapes continue to grow in popularity. So much so, that the cannabis vape industry is a billion dollar industry alone. With no signs of extinction anytime soon, it’s time to get serious about weed vapes; the benefits, the disadvantages, and everything in between. 


The past 20 years have seen a major increase in e-smoking technology. From e-cigarettes and candy-flavored vapes dominating the nicotine market to cartridges and pods revolutionizing the cannabis industry, vapes offer a digitized way to consume your favorite vice. In this blog, we dive into the nitty gritty details of weed vapes. We discuss various benefits to puffing on your favorite weed pen without blatantly ignoring the obvious disadvantages, as well. Let’s get into it! 


Weed Vapes: The Benefits


There’s a reason weed vapes are so popular and billions of dollars pour into the industry each and every year. There’s also a reason that some cannabis brands choose to skip the flower sales and instead solely focus on crafting the best cartridge system in the business. There are a variety of benefits that keep consumers attached to their weed pen… here’s a few:


Convenient, Discreet, and Easy to Use


Some of the more obvious benefits of weed vapes is the convenience, discretion, and ease of use. Since weed pens are exceptionally portable, the convenience factor alone is enough for stoners everywhere to get in a quick high anytime and anywhere. Back in the day, paranoia interrupted many smoke sessions as fear of getting caught dominated a smoker’s headspace. But now, it’s common to see a random passerby hitting their weed pen in the middle of Target or in a restaurant. Needless to say, times have changed for the better, and weed vapes play a major role in that. 


In addition to convenience, weed vapes are incredibly discreet. Instead of exhaling smoke, weed pens produce vapor, which quickly dissipates into the air without leaving behind a heavy stench. Additionally, weed pens don’t require users to spark up, which inevitably makes for an easier, more secretive process. 


And finally, cannabis vapes are especially easy to use. While many cannabis products require a whole set up, multiple tools, and a learning curve, weed vapes get you high at just a push of a button. This fact alone attracts many new smokers to choose a weed pen over traditional flower. 


Strong Flavors, Limited Smells


As mentioned, weed vapes are incredibly discreet; in part because they don’t leave a strong weed smell trailing behind. But just because they don’t smell as strong as a joint or blunt, that doesn’t mean they skimp on the flavor. 


Many smokers who regularly use weed vapes recognize that terpenes and strain-specific flavors come alive in cannabis oils. Additionally, cultivators can boost a strain’s natural flavoring with added terpenes to craft a flavor-forward experience. However, be careful with disposables because hitting too hard could result in a permanent burnt taste for the remainder of said disposable. 


Oh, and even better, smoking your weed pen won’t leave you smelling like you just left Eric Foreman’s basement (IYKYK). 


Varied Options


Weed vapes offer plenty of options to take your high on the go. From 510 battery threads and cartridges to disposables and pods, it’s easier than ever to choose whatever method is best for you. 


Each option offers its own individual benefits. For example, 510 batteries paired with a cartridge often allow you to choose a smoking temperature that works best for you. Pods and pod batteries are typically pocket-sized and don’t require you to push a button. And disposables are single-use weed vapes that often cost less, especially compared to the upfront cost associated with buying a cartridge or a pod as well as a battery. 


Vapor vs. Smoke


As briefly mentioned, weed vapes produce vapor over smoke. Obvious, we know, but the difference is key. According to the CDC, inhaling smoke can cause extensive damage to your throat and lungs due to the additional plant matter and potentially toxic materials. We can’t stress enough the importance of purchasing legal weed, that has undergone extensive health and safety testing, in order to avoid an increased likelihood of damage to your health. 


However, what you see is what you get with vape pens. By inhaling non-combusted oil purchased through a reputable dispensary, you’re keeping it clean and pure with vapor over smoke.


Weed Vapes: The Disadvantages


Where there’s benefits, there’s almost guaranteed to be a few disadvantages. Unfortunately, weed vapes are no exception. While there’s a reason that weed vapes are so popular and widely used, there’s also a reason why some smokers would rather stick to flower, edibles, or concentrates. Reasons include…


More Costly


This disadvantage largely depends on your personal budgeting. For example, if you smoke flower all day, everyday, costs add up quickly and may be even more expensive than a vaping habit. However, if you find yourself puffing on your vape pen any chance you get, you may find yourself going through your favorite cartridge quicker than anticipated and re-upping every week. 


If the latter applies to you, then vaping can add up quickly. 


In terms of initial upfront costs, vaping tends to be more costly compared to flower. If you take the budget route and skip the fancy bong, bowl, or one-hitter, flower can be considerably less expensive than purchasing a vape battery as well as a cartridge or pod. With that being said, vaping can add up quickly, so be sure to budget accordingly. Or, even better, pick up one of our Hyperwolf brand cartridges or vapes for a less costly, but equally as high-quality take on vaping. 


Less Potent


Many routine smokers complain that weed vapes aren’t nearly as potent as flower, concentrates, or edibles. Often, you’ll notice vaping advertised as a ‘cleaner high,’ but that often inadvertently insinuates a lighter high that doesn’t last as long. You may find yourself hitting your vape pen 10-20 times before actually feeling something. 


While this can be seen as a disadvantage to many, new cannabis users may consider this an advantage because the risk of getting ‘too high’ is lower. 


Battery Recharge


Weed vapes are a modern, digitized approach to smoking weed. Unlike flower, weed vapes require a reusable battery (with the exception of disposables), and typically need either replacement or recharging for long-term use. 


That said, the devastation experienced when you reach for your weed pen only to realize that it’s dead and needs to be recharged is unmatched. Recharging takes some time, and if you want to get high right then and there, you may be out of luck and find yourself digging into your flower stash anyways. 


Greater Potential for Damage


All cannabis products can be damaged due to insufficient storage methods. (To learn more, click here.) However, weed vapes run greater risk in an entirely different form of damage. 


Batteries can potentially overheat, causing damage to the mechanics, and cartridges or pods can randomly begin leaking. Both scenarios require a replacement that can be costly and inconvenient.


Final Thoughts


Weed pens, as with anything in life, offer both benefits and disadvantages. However, we wouldn’t suggest you hyperfixate on either. We wholeheartedly believe that a varied weed stash is the key to the ultimate stoner lifestyle. Weed vapes are a great addition to your daily routine, especially given the portability; however, keeping a few flower jars at home and concentrates near your dab rig can vary your high, and ultimately impact your cannabis tolerance.  


Hyperwolf makes it easier than ever to begin vaping or vary your weed stash. Instead of wasting gas traveling to your local dispensary, let us bring a vape cartridge and battery to you. Simply head to hyperwolf.com and place your next weed delivery order.