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New Pricing Structure: Taxes NOT Included in Initial Pricing

PSA: We’re introducing a new pricing structure on hyperwolf.com. And it’s happening SOON! 


Yep, you read that right. Big changes are happening on our website, all of which you’ll see come to life on March 20th, 2023. If you have yet to catch up with the latest happenings at Hyperwolf HQ, we’re rolling out a bunch of new updates to enhance your user experience — including switching up our pricing structure a bit. 


Dubbed “Hyperwolf 2.0,” our website is bigger and better than ever. The interface looks a bit different, the new features speak for themselves, and our pricing structure… Well, we’ll get into that. 


In this blog, we’re breaking down everything you need to know. We’ll cover how we’re changing our pricing structure, why we’re making these changes, and even what these changes mean for you. A must-read for every member of the Hyperwolf fam — let’s dive in!


How does California Cannabis Tax work?


To kick things off, we’re getting the least interesting topic out of the way — taxes. Not exactly exciting, but important nonetheless. 


It’s no surprise that California’s cannabis tax has a huge impact on the legal market. How huge? 15% to be exact. This means that with every cannabis purchase made in the state of California, the government tacks on a 15% excise tax.


When you proceed to the checkout screen, we break down the exact dollar amounts that you’re paying towards the 3 California taxes automatically added to your order. 


  1. California Sales Tax is imposed on all retail purchases across the state.

  2. California Excise Tax is imposed on all cannabis purchases across the state. 

  3. Local City Tax varies across jurisdictions and is imposed on all purchases within a specific city. 


What changes are being made to the pricing structure?


You’ve seen it time and time again: The small asterisks that clearly states *All Taxes Included* under each and every product. 


Beginning March 20th, that disclaimer will disappear. 


Prior to our latest updates, we wanted to showcase taxes a bit differently to give you a clear understanding of exactly what you’d be paying for any given product, including taxes. Upfront and right away. It was fun while it lasted, but it’s time for some change. 


Going forward, all products shown on the menu will NOT include taxes in the initial price point. In other words, the price you see while scrolling our digital shelves is simply the retail price of that product, and any taxes imposed will be added during the final checkout process.


We get it… change can be intimidating! But we think this is a necessary change that is mutually beneficial. Here’s why:


Why are we changing our pricing structure? 


Everything that we do is with intention, and changing our pricing structure is no exception. We value your customer experience and transparency above all else, so keep reading for a better understanding as to why we’re changing our pricing structure. 


1. We’d like to better align with industry pricing. 


Across the California cannabis industry, including delivery services, you’ll notice that product pricing rarely includes taxes in the upfront, initial price point. It’s simply just not industry standard. On a broader scale, tax inclusion isn’t standard across any retail pricing within the United States. For example, that shirt you’re purchasing online waits until the last moment to calculate taxes and same goes with the flower eighth at your local dispensary. 


So in order to better align with industry standard pricing, we’ve made the decision to do the same and not include taxes in the first product price point that you see. But there’s a method to our madness, which leads to our next point.


2. We’d like to improve navigation for new customers.


As we continue to grow and expand, it’s incredibly important to us that new customers are able to easily navigate our website as they would with any other delivery service. 


Considering that our small disclaimer stating that all taxes were included is in a smaller font and lighter color, it’s admittedly easy to overlook. With that being said, our prices can initially seem more expensive, especially to a new customer. Which, once again, leads us to our next point. 


3. We’re listening to our customers who say we’re ‘too expensive.’ 


Among our greatest passions and, ultimately, greatest purposes behind Hyperwolf is to carry high quality cannabis products from top notch brands, but at any affordable price point. 


We take great pride in offering competitive pricing, often listing products (such as our Hyperwolf melted diamonds cartridges) at a considerably lower price compared to similar products sold by our competitors. 


However, it could be easy for somebody to misunderstand our initial pricing structure with taxes, and claim that our prices are ‘too expensive.’ So, our solution was simple. Instead of launching multiple marketing campaigns to explain our pricing structure, we’ve listened to our customers, aligned with industry standards, and improved navigation for new customers in the process. 


Sort of a win/win for all. 


How will this impact your user experience? 


And finally, we refuse to make any decision without first considering your user experience. After all, we wouldn’t be here without you and whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or you’re new to the Hyperwolf fam, your opinion matters. 


Ultimately, we hope that the changes we’re making to our pricing structure won’t negatively impact your user experience. Keep in mind that actual price points for any and all products are NOT changing, but rather the way they are displayed. For example, the price of a Hyperwolf flower eighth stays the exact same; however, it will inevitably look less expensive initially because taxes are only shown once you’ve entered the checkout process. 


Key Takeaways


The industry is constantly changing, so it’s imperative that we remain transparent across the board. Whether we’re introducing new packaging, implementing new website features, or changing our pricing structure, we want YOU—our customers… our Hyperwolf family—to be in the know. 


Ultimately, we hope that you’ll welcome this new pricing structure with open arms. Sure, things will look a bit different on the website, but rest assured that the impact on your wallet remains unchanged. 


With that being said, be sure to place an order for weed delivery and check out the new pricing structure on hyperwolf.com beginning March 20th, 2023. And while you’re there, place an order for California’s best weed to be delivered to your doorstep in 60 minutes or less!