the best edibles in california.

Best Cannabis Edibles in California

Ahhh… edibles. You either love them or you hate them. Us? We love them — if you couldn’t already tell by our Guide to Edibles and Edibles for Newcomers blogs. With that being said, we put extra time and attention towards curating a menu of the best cannabis edibles in california that we’re proud to stamp our black and yellow seal of approval on.


One of our greatest goals here at HyperWolf is stocking our menu with incredible brands that truly exemplify what it means to create the best cannabis edibles in California. In this blog we’ll explore a few of the top brands on the HyperWolf platform that are making major waves in the edibles game. Let’s get started!


Dr. Norms


Your classic baked goods just got a whole new spin on them with Dr. Norms. It all began with two siblings honoring their parents’ personal and professional legacies. Since then, Dr. Norms has perfected their edibles recipes, offering high-quality cookie ingredients that accommodate various diet restrictions and are infused with sativa, indica, or hybrid cannabis.


At the very core of their mission, Dr. Norms focuses on baking edibles that are delicious, yet incredibly healing above all else. If you didn’t already know, they are a staple on our menu; next time you’re scrolling through and picking items for your menu, be sure to give Dr. Norms chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, and red velvet cookies a try — oh, and peep our exclusive protective HyperWolf case that prevents the cookie from crumbling in transit!




We couldn’t possibly create a list of the best cannabis edibles in California without including this fan favorite. Kiva is a well-loved and well-respected edibles brand by so many cannabis connoisseurs because they consistently craft high-quality, thoughtful, and intentional products that keep consumers coming back for more — us included!


Since 2010, Kiva has been spearheaded by a couple that refuses to settle — setting higher standards for Kiva since day one. And their efforts have definitely paid off. If you couldn’t already tell by scrolling through our edibles menu, we swear by their gummies and have implemented them in our daily routines. A few of our favorites include their Wild Berry gummies, Midnight Blueberry gummies, and Orchard Peach Sour gummies.


Space Gem


Vegan, solventless, organic, and cosmic. Space Gem’s edibles are truly out of this world, which only makes sense given that they’re easily among the highest quality edibles in the game.


Space Gem is a labor of love that began out of the owner, Wendy’s, home kitchen in Humboldt County. Since 2013, Wendy has consistently created award-winning, handcrafted edibles, such as a couple of our favorites that include their Sour Watermelon Belt and Sweet Space Drops. Using only local ice water hash, Wendy and her team have perfected their recipe and dosages to help consumers live their happiest, healthiest lives.


Rose Delights


Rose Delights are a relatively new addition to our menu, and for good reason! These unique cannabis edibles are a spin off of the classic Turkish Delights, which are traditional candies that have the texture of gumdrops—soft, chewy, and sweet—and coated in powdered sugar.


Their unique concept alone sets Rose Delights apart from the competition; however, it’s their commitment to the craft that truly keeps consumers coming back for more. Rose Delights start with intentional, chef-quality and seasonal concepts and ingredients that are then infused with hand-extracted rosin from whole, strain-specific flower. Their approach is that of a seasoned kitchen, making each and every Rose Delight handcrafted and thoughtfully produced.


Yummi Karma


It’s no secret that Yummi Karma has the best tasting tinctures in the game. Yep, you read that right — tinctures that are actually meant to be enjoyed. So, what does this mean for you?


Well, you no longer have to struggle just to stomach your daily tincture dose; instead, you can add a few drops of your favorite bottle of Yummi Karma to drinks or just place a few drops on your tongue for a just as delightful experience. Oh, and did we mention that Yummi Karma is female owned and operated? Powerful women creating some of our favorite tinctures including a Watermelon Tincture — what could be better?




Smokiez Edibles have been in the game for awhile, so clearly they know what they’re doing. Since 2010, Smokiez have consistently crafted high quality vegan fruit chews that focus on ingredients and happen to be gluten free, dairy free, and made with no high fructose corn syrup. Additionally, Smokiez edibles are all homogenized to ensure that you will have the same balanced and consistent experience every single time.


In the end, finding high quality cannabis edibles is not necessarily difficult—and definitely not unheard of—however, it can be daunting just given the many different brands on the market. We go out of our way to thoroughly examine and test each and every marijuana edible that’s on our menu in order to guarantee your satisfaction. If you haven’t already, be sure to order your next craft cannabis edibles through HyperWolf weed delivery.