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5 Cannabis Brands to Try in 2023

The cannabis market is undeniably saturated with a number of varying brands all promising the same things: The highest quality, most flavorful bud, and the most potent experience. With so many different brands making promises and utilizing all of the industry’s buzz-worthy marketing keywords, it can be especially difficult to determine which brands are actually worth trying. 


And that’s where we come in. 


Our entire menu is curated to perfection, and only features brands that we’d smoke ourselves. From flower and edibles to concentrates, pre-rolls, and vapes, we pride ourselves in featuring a unique collection of different brands despite popularity. With that being said, you’ll find some of the industry’s leading brands on our menu just as often as you’ll find smaller, lesser-known brands that we believe our customers absolutely need to try ASAP. 


In this blog, we’ll share five cannabis brands to try in 2023. From insanely popular to up-and-coming, each brand on this list is worth your time, attention, and money. Let’s dive in. 


FlowerAlien Labs


five cannabis brands to try in 2023


Very few brands on the market cultivate cannabis flower at the same level of quality as Alien Labs. Since 2014, this truly otherworldly brand has continued to dominate the industry with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Their exceptional flower quality speaks for itself, and their legendary strains have reached cult status. 


There’s a clear reason why Alien Labs is such a popular, fan-favorite brand. Pristine farming methods coupled with unique genetics make way for some of the industry’s most sought-after strains. From growing the best medicinal marijuana to transitioning towards commercial cannabis and positioning the company above the competition, Alien Labs has forever cemented themselves as legends within the cannabis industry.


Biskanté, Kryptochronic, and Xeno are just a few of their most popular strains; all of which boast flavorful genetics featuring rich terpene profiles and individual smoking experiences that transcend time and space. While cannabis is their true calling and claim to fame, Alien Labs is more than a cannabis brand… It’s a lifestyle. And it’s this very lifestyle that has earned Alien Labs the #1 flower spot on our list. Definitely a cannabis brand to try in 2023 if you haven’t done so already. 


Edibles  — Space Gem



Since opening for business in 2013, Space Gem has quickly earned a reputation for creating the industry’s best craft edibles. Humble beginnings in Wendy Baker’s home kitchen have quickly developed into a thriving brand that’s dominating the Southern California cannabis scene. This is due in part because Space Gem edibles are vegan, solventless, organic, and cosmic, but mostly because Space Gem edibles are just that delicious. 


Wendy and her team have perfected their recipe over the years, developing exceptional edibles to help consumers live their happiest, healthiest lives. Each Space Gem edible skips the dyes, harsh chemicals, solvents, and fillers in favor of pure, potent Humboldt-grown cannabis and natural ingredients. The result? Out of this world edibles that meet only the highest quality standards. 


Space Gem is the new frontier of cannabis edibles and a brand that we suggest everybody try in 2023. 


ConcentratesBear Labs



Bear Labs is the very definition of premium cannabis concentrates. 


Bear Labs is developed by a group of cannabis connoisseurs with over 50 years of collective industry experience. Since 2014, this legacy brand has put their time and attention towards perfection, developing a unique, award-winning collection of concentrates that have defined the new industry standard.


Recognized by their elaborate packaging, but celebrated for their high quality concentrates, Bear Labs proves to be an industry leader year after year. Their mission is clear and simple: To deliver a smoking experience that brings others the same joy they receive. In other words, everybody deserves to smoke only the best, and that’s exactly what Bear Labs delivers. 


Placing their mission at the very core of their entire operations, each and every product, even their most popular extracts such as Banana Dream and Jelly Donutz, is thoroughly tested to ensure that Bear Labs is only represented by concentrates they’d smoke themselves. And it’s this level of quality and attention that has rightfully earned Bear Labs the #1 concentrates spot on our list of cannabis brands to try in 2023. 


Pre-RollsParadise Smokes



When it comes to pre-rolls, it can be difficult to find the best of the best; especially since pre-rolls have unfortunately earned a bad reputation in recent years for being packed with lower quality flower. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth in this case. Paradise Smokes, without a doubt, crafts the best pre-rolls in the game. Smoked by experts and crafted by those with exceptional taste, Paradise Smokes is well on their way to becoming one of the industry’s top brands. 


Founded in Los Angeles, Paradise Smokes is a relatively new brand that is taking over the Southern California cannabis scene in record time. Backed by a unique approach to marketing, their packaging is sleek, minimalistic, and very recognizable (IYKYK). However, their flower takes center stage above all. 


Each pre-roll is hand-rolled with strain-specific flower and features a glass-tip filter for an especially smooth smoking experience. Packed with strains such as Matcha, Acai Sorbet, and Milk + Honey, Paradise Smokes takes a holistic, natural approach to their flower. We’re here for it, and we think you will be too. If you haven’t already (or even if you have), be sure to check out a Paradise Smokes pre-roll in 2023. 


VapesWest Coast Cure



Born and bred in the Golden State, West Coast Cure is a California brand that stays true to their roots. While most brands joined the legal cannabis game after 2018 with the hopes of making a quick buck off of an inferior product, West Coast Cure is different. Decades of experience in hunting, hand-selecting, and ultimately cultivating the gassist strains in the game has earned West Coast Cure a positive reputation. They are the true hardcore OGs.


Since the beginning, West Coast Cure has stayed true to the OG lifestyle by exclusively working with the industry’s leading cultivators to expertly harvest and cure top-shelf strains. With that being said, any choice from West Coast Cure honors leading cultivators’ legacies and pays homage to their work. 


In regards to vapes, years of experience and an award-winning product selection have allowed West Coast Cure to especially excel in the cannabis vapes game recently. Incredibly flavorful, especially potent, and surprisingly smooth, West Coast Cure vapes offer a next level high each and every time.

Have you tried any of the brands on our list? If so, let us know what you think by leaving a Google review. If not, we encourage you to mix it up and try a new brand when it comes time to place your next hyperwolf.com weed delivery order.