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Local Spotlight: Edna Vees Public House

Covina is a city of locals — locals who show up, show out, and support each and every member of their community. So, what happens when two locals (and best friends) open a thriving public house that not only welcomes members of their community, but also supports local initiatives and hosts charitable events? 


You get… Edna Vees Public House


Founded, owned, and operated by Suzi Robbin and April Gillespie, Edna Vees Public House is a tavern-style restaurant that attracts both locals and tourists alike. The atmosphere is welcoming, the food is phenomenal, the beers are on tap, and the staff members are friendly; however, none of this would be possible without the passion and commitment that both Suzi and April have poured into their business — establishing a restaurant that’s built on a platform of community and giving back. 


Given this strong commitment to the community and of course their extensive menu selection, it should come as no surprise that this local hotspot is among our top favorite restaurants in Covina, California. But before you pay a visit, here’s everything you need to know about Edna Vees Public House. 



A Little Background



As previously mentioned, Edna Vees Public House was founded by two best friends, Suzi and April in 2018. Tired of corporate life and in search of something more fulfilling, Suzi and April established a business model that fosters an environment of support for both the community and each other. They were truly out to establish a business that would make a difference in Covina, a lofty goal that has since been achieved… but more on that later. 


The vision for Edna Vees was nearly instant, but the actual process of establishing and opening the public house took some time—eight years, to be exact—but it was within that timeframe that April and Suzi took the time and effort to hash out the details in order to turn their vision into reality. It was this strong foundation and their established place in the community that allowed Edna Vees Public House to survive through the forced shutdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic, even after having only been open for just a year and a half.  


Go-To Menu Items


With an extensive menu featuring a variety of different options ranging from tacos and flatbreads to loaded tater tots and artisanal burgers, as well as a tempting craft cocktail and beer list, you may be wondering what the most popular menu items are. Luckily, April and Suzi have you covered. 




While everything on the menu is delicious, the burgers, street corn, mac n’ cheese, wings, and brunch items are the most popular orders. As for drinks, you definitely won’t regret ordering an old fashioned, margarita, mai-tai, or any one of the beers available on tap. And with these recommendations in mind, you’ll be able to walk in and order in no time. 




Edna Vees Gives Back


In a city where community is everything, April and Suzi have quickly established regulars who return for the good food and friendly vibes. However, Edna Vees Public House not only welcomes their community with open arms, but supports local organizations by holding fundraisers and giving 20% of that day’s revenue towards the fundraiser. 


Additionally, April, Suzi, and their staff members are involved with their local YWCA, a non-profit organization that works to support women and individuals affected by racism, domestic violence, and homelessness — empowering them to make decisions that support self-sufficiency while advocating for peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. They’ve even recently received a “Business Champions of Change” from YWCA in San Gabriel Valley. 


Edna Vees also supports St. Jude by hosting a monthly fundraiser and submitting a donation each month, they continually raise awareness and money for Training 212 in Covina, a fitness and mentorship program for young members of the community who cannot afford sports programs, and Edna Vees holds fundraisers for the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and Covina PD K9 Unit. 


What To Do In Covina, CA


And finally, when asked about the best spots in the area, April and Suzi shared their expert insight to give you a better idea of how to live like a local in Covina, California. Downton Citrus is their go-to — a hotspot for various restaurants, bars, shops, and even a scenic park to enjoy some takeout. Even better, the metro has a stop at Citrus Ave, which makes it especially convenient and easy to access.


Edna Vees Public House has quickly established itself as a local hangout spot deeply rooted in community and charity. Whether you live in the area or you’re just visiting, be sure to place your next weed delivery order through hyperwolf.com and satisfy your munchie cravings at Edna Vees Public house — tell them HyperWolf sent you.


We can’t wait for you to crave Edna Vees as much as we do!