Sustainable Brands at HyperWolf

Sustainable Brands at HyperWolf

If you have not yet tapped into the sustainability movement, there is no better time to do so. With the rise of eco-conscious brands and the numerous efforts set in place to move towards a greener future, it is easier than ever to lead a sustainable lifestyle. And with that in mind, what better place to start than with your weed stash?


While the cannabis business has long been considered a relatively green industry, its environmental impact leaves a bigger footprint than most marijuana connoisseurs seem to (or want to) acknowledge. Given its high water intake, excessive use of artificial light energy, cultivation demands, and single-use plastic packaging, it’s no secret that major efforts are needed in order to transition to a more sustainable future for the industry as a whole — efforts that companies such as Talking Trees and Life Cannabis are already prioritizing. 


Talking Trees


HyperWolf is incredibly proud to carry Talking Trees, a cannabis company that challenges its consumers to listen to the trees; placing an emphasis on fostering the connection between the cannabis plant, the land, the consumer, and the cultivation crew behind this sustainability-focused brand. 


In an effort to prioritize creating a clean and safe product, Talking Trees only uses organic growing methods as well as locally-sourced and nutrient-dense soil while skipping the chemical pesticides. And how do they address the plant’s high demand for water? Through innovation, of course! Their farms, located in Humboldt County, California, are primarily watered using rain catchment-stored water and permitted wells as opposed to draining water from natural creeks, streams, and rivers. 


Life Cannabis


Life Cannabis was created to spark a change and we’re proud to further support their efforts. They are leaders in sustainable marijuana innovation in California, placing a special emphasis on three key principles that serve as a guiding force behind the entire company: their sustainable growing methods, eco-friendly packaging, and giving back to charities fighting climate change.


Life Cannabis’s cultivation practice begins with soil that is rich in organic nutrients and nourished by full-spectrum energy efficient lighting as well as recycled water. Their biodegradable packaging is created using recycled materials that are in turn, meant to be re-recycled in an effort to remain lifecycle conscious. And finally, 5% of their profits are donated to charities committed to the fight against climate change. 


While the cannabis industry as a whole teters on the precipice of sustainability, brands such as Talking Trees and Life Cannabis are spearheading the eco-friendly campaign through their everyday efforts. As a brand, HyperWolf remains open to further sustainability initiatives and hopes to continue supporting brands that prioritize the planet.