the best flower in california.

Best Cannabis Flower in California

High quality cannabis, especially flower, can be hard to come by. Luckily, we live in The Golden State; the mecca of cannabis, in our humble opinions. Between the ideal growing conditions in northern California, the legacy operators that have made California such an epicenter for superb flower, and the tastemakers that have set the industry standard, you can rest assured that California is the place for stoners to be. Here you can find the best cannabis flower in California.


While so many brands excel at cultivating the best of the best bud, we can’t help but give a much-deserved shoutout to a few brands that we carry on the HyperWolf platform.


Alien Labs


If you’re searching for cannabis that’s out of this world, look no further. Unlike many other popular brands, Alien Labs got their start in the medicinal side of the industry before transitioning to recreational cultivation due to legalization. With that being said, they stay up-to-date on all industry safety standards so that you can put your full trust in their products.


Long story short, Alien Labs knows exactly what they’re doing — producing high quality strains that are small batch, Cali-grown, and good for both the mind and body. Oh, and did we mention that some of their bud is “moongrown” and planted according to the lunar calendar? A couple standout strains include KryptoChronic and Biskanté, but rest-assured that any strain you pick up from Alien Labs will give you a high that continually keeps you coming back for more.




Since 2014, Cannabiotix has had a single mission in mind: To provide their friends and family (and you) with the craziest weed they’ve ever seen or smoked. 


Well, mission completed because CBX has quickly earned a reputation for being some of the strongest, some of the best, and some of the most highly regarded marijuana flower in the industry. What truly sets them apart is their craft cultivation methods that expertly preserve the trichomes before being carefully packaged by hand in order to only choose the most worthy buds from each harvest.


CBX is committed to freshness, committed to sustainability, and committed to maintaining an elite arsenal of strains, including a couple of our favorites such as Cereal Milk and Wifi OG.




When we first began offering HyperWolf’s very own weed flower jars, we approached the idea with the belief that high quality cannabis should be accessible to everybody, regardless of budget. Since then, our journey has lead us to finding cannabis flower that we’re proud to put our black and yellow seal of approval on, and offer to each and every one of our customers.


Despite offering some of the best strains in the industry, such as Chrome Slushie and Banana Chronic, at a notably competitive price point, we don’t skimp on quality while continually going out of our way to source only the best buds out there. And for those who want to try it all (or may have commitment issues that spill into their cannabis orders as well), we’ve developed the 2 Gram Slam concept that allows you to pick and choose different strains for the price of a single eighth.


West Coast Cure


As self-proclaimed “hardcore OGs,” West Coast Cure have been in the game long before legalization was even thought to be possible. Since the beginning, they’ve been sure to focus their attention on cultivating the freshest, stickiest, most terpene-rich buds that are not only fan favorites, but actually award winning. 


Given that they don’t grow anything they wouldn’t smoke themselves, you can rest easy knowing that any strain from this notorious west coast brand, including two of our favorites, Garlic Juice and Cosmic Cookies


LIFE Cannabis Co. 


One look at LIFE Cannabis Co. and you already know that they’re all about spearheading the modern movement towards sustainability in cannabis. Their vision includes giving back, packing their products in the most sustainable packaging, and growing their marijuana flower using only organic nutrients, efficient lighting, and recycled water.


LIFE Cannabis Co. is grown to give — to give back to the planet, to give the industry a deeper understanding of sustainability in cannabis, and to give you, the customer, high-quality flower featuring exceptional strains such as Lemon Tree.


In the end, finding high quality cannabis is not necessarily difficult—and definitely not unheard of—however, it can be daunting just given the many different brands on the market. We go out of our way to thoroughly examine and test each and every strain of flower that’s on our menu in order to guarantee your satisfaction. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Guide to Flower, and be sure to order your favorite craft cannabis flower for weed delivery here.