Best Practices for an Even Burn

Best Practices for an Even Burn

We’ve all smoked a bad joint at least once; if you haven’t, consider yourself one of the lucky few. 


Maybe it was your first time rolling or maybe you were unfortunate enough to join an inexperienced rotation; either way, we can all agree that a few things happen when the joint isn’t packed quite right:


– The burn is uneven.

– The joint burns too quickly.

– The entire rotation has something to say about it.

All in all, it’s a bad situation. So, we’re saving you the stress and sharing our best practices for an even burn.

Tip #1: Prep is Key

As the saying goes, good things take time. Preparing the perfect joint takes the right materials, practice, and of course time and patience. 


To begin, you’ll need sturdy rolling papers, a filter, high quality bud (more on that later), a grinder, and a flat surface. A few of our favorite rolling papers and filter tips include those from Raw (an OG favorite), Zig Zags, Vibes, and Blazy Suzan because they meet all of our preferred qualifications: ultra thin, well-made, easy to work with, and come in a variety of sizes — all without compromising the flavor of the bud. Whether you’d like to roll a king-sized joint, keep it simple with a pre-rolled cone, or just roll a classic size, these brands have you covered. 


Next is the grinder. Is it essential? No, not necessarily, but it is guaranteed to provide a smoother experience, a cleaner preparation, more flavor, and it ultimately plays a huge role in providing an even burn. So we encourage you to skip the handiwork, grab your go-to grinder, and proceed with ease. Preparation is one of the best practices for an even burn.

Tip #2: Don’t Roll Too Tight or Too Loose

Once you’ve gathered the materials and ground your chosen bud, it’s time to begin the actual process of rolling. 

It’s fairly obvious and universally known that a loose joint is basically criminal in the world of weed; however, a joint that’s rolled too tightly can be just as bad. Why? It’s basic science: Fire needs oxygen. So, if your joint is packed too tight, there’s a lack of airflow, but if it’s packed too loose, there is too much airflow.

An even balance provides the best experience, so if you find yourself rolling a joint that is just a bit too tight, we recommend giving it a quick shake and rolling it in-between your palms to loosen the weed. Or if you find that your joint is too loose about halfway through rolling, start over and be sure to pinch tighter around the filter. 

And finally, if you’re struggling to get the perfect roll, just use a toothpick or something similar to pack.

Tip #3: Rotate As You Toke

While tip #4 may seem obvious, it’s important to note and take into consideration to rotate the joint between hits to evenly distribute the flame and keep the joint leveled throughout your entire smoking experience. 


If you follow our four simple tips, you should be an expert in no time. Until then, be sure to pass this information along to your circle to make sure that everybody is adhering to our best practices for an even burn.

Tip #4: Smoke Good Weed

Smoking top shelf bud is always going to give you a better experience; a better high, a smoother hit, and a more flavorful joint.


It should come as no surprise that good weed can affect an even burn thanks to factors such as the moisture content as well as the overall growth and curing process. If your joint isn’t burning evenly, you may want to take a closer look at your weed. 


You may be wondering what is considered ‘good weed.’ Our standards are simple and straightforward: 


1. A distinct smell with a high percentage of terpenes.

2. Frosty nugs with lots of trichomes and, oftentimes, orange or purple hues.

3. A sticky feel. 

4. A dense or fluffy flower structure without seeds or stems. 

5. A distinct flavor profile that mirrors the description.