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Industry Insights: 7 Unique Careers in the Cannabis Industry

Few industries are quite as unique careers in the cannabis industry. Even though it’s relatively new and still in its infancy, the legal marijuana industry has grown at an astoundingly accelerated pace and has played a huge role in defining modern culture and the next generation. Needless to say, we’re here for it.


When the industry first became legal, everybody wanted their share and moved quickly to secure their place; ultimately, this positioned the industry as being incredibly opportunistic. However, since then, job positions have been further cemented, job titles have been swiftly established, and good business practices have been quickly implemented to transform this once black market industry into a booming business that has helped the US economy tenfold. 


Redefining what it means to work in the weed industry has been, and will continue to be, a clear focus; after all, it’s no secret that there’s some real money to be made in the weed industry! (But keep in mind that you really need to know a thing or two about cannabis to make it in this cutthroat business.) That said, there are plenty of opportunities in the industry, and plenty of positions to put on your vision board. Interested in learning more? Keep reading to discover 7 unique careers in the cannabis industry. 


Edibles Chef


Did you know that you can make a steady living cheffing it up in the kitchen and creating some delicious edibles? If you were always whipping up some weed brownies in your childhood kitchen (Without your parents’ knowledge, of course.), then this position might be right for you! 


Though adopting the job title of ‘edibles chef’ may seem like a dream career that’s fairly easy to break into; after all, you just need some high-quality cannabis, a kitchen, and some roomies that don’t mind the strong smell of weed baking in the oven, but just like anything else… you need to produce high-quality products. Not only that, but your products must pass specialized testing in order to be mass-produced and marketed, and you need to take on the sole marketing of your business unless you have a paid marketing team to back you up. 


However, not all edibles chefs create their own products. Some popular brands could very well hire chefs to join their teams, just keep your eyes on job postings and in the meantime, boost your portfolio by putting in the practice in your own time… and reaping the rewards of fresh, homemade edibles. 




If you know your stuff when it comes to dispensary-quality cannabis, then you might want to apply for a budtender position ASAP. While brick and mortar dispensaries may have some in-person budtender positions currently up for grabs, even weed delivery services could very well hire customer support team members that help online shoppers choose their new favorite strains — among other customer support services.


Keep in mind that more than most customer-facing sales associate positions in other industries, budtenders must have a very deep and thorough understanding of weed — how it’s grown, the different products offered on a dispensary menu, which strains best suit various situations (ie best strains for daytime and nighttime), terpenes and how they affect your experience, and THC percentages. They must be able to guide both cannabis connoisseurs towards their new go-to strain and new cannabis consumers who may not have any understanding of what’s what in the world of weed. 


If you’ve dreamed of a career in the legal weed industry, then a budtender is an excellent, and accessible, way to start. And, as more and more states are legalizing the devil’s lettuce, budtender positions are growing in demand. 


Delivery Driver


If you enjoy customer-facing job positions, but would prefer to spend a good chunk of your time riding around, listening to your favorite music, and having the opportunity to deliver weed all across a specified delivery zone, then becoming a weed delivery driver may be your next career move. Especially in Southern California, weed delivery companies have absolutely exploded — allowing businesses to do the hard work for you and save you a trip to the dispensary. 


This job requires long hours driving and the understanding that you could very well be the only interaction between the customer and the company; with that being said, it’s imperative that you provide excellent customer service and work hard to meet delivery deadlines and adhere to estimated times of arrival for every delivery. 


Additionally, plenty of regulations are placed on weed delivery drivers in order to execute their jobs in an efficient, and LEGAL way. For example, only certain amounts of weed can be delivered at any given time, badges must be worn at all times, and certain protocols must be in place just in case a driver is pulled over. Along with car standards that must be met and a certain level of competence to ensure that you’re following company standards, budtenders hold important positions within their companies — after all, a weed delivery service simply couldn’t operate without its drivers. So, if you’ve dreamt of becoming a budtender, but would prefer the freedom that delivery drivers have, then this opportunity is definitely one to consider.  


Master Grower


This job position is a bit more niche, and requires a very unique skill set, but if you have the connections and/or the educational background, master growers hold a very lucrative position within the industry. While considering this position, keep in mind that most legal and professional growing operations take place in Northern California, especially in what’s known as ‘The Emerald Triangle,’ which is a notorious region that has the best growing conditions due to both its climate and natural soil. However, if you’re willing to relocate, this position may be favorable. 


Please note that the process to become a master grower isn’t ‘easy’ by any means. Growing high-quality cannabis under regulated conditions and as part of a larger growing operation meant to adhere to industry standards is a fairly difficult and involved process that must be taken seriously. In other words, you aren’t ‘just growing weed,’ you are taking part in a much bigger picture. With that being said, the road to become a master grower commonly includes a deep understanding of how to manage a greenhouse/growing facility, understanding controlled environment agriculture systems, knowledge of disease prevention practices, adherence to state-regulated programs and protocols, and sometimes even a bachelor’s or master’s degree in horticulture or plant physiology — or relevant experience. 


Of course, just like any industry, the job requirements vary by company, but in general, master growers MUST possess a very wide range of skills and plenty of relevant experience in the field. Sound like you, then definitely apply for positions within a legal growing operation!


Extractor (Master Extractor and Extraction Technician)


Once the master growers successfully complete their duties and the cannabis is good and grown, a master extractor or extraction technician takes over. The purpose of this job position is to use lab equipment, heat, pressure, and solvents to facilitate the separation of cannabis chemical compounds from the whole plant, and often further refine the separated compounds to enhance purity. Additionally, extraction technicians will collect samples, test for potency, and accurately collect information in an organized way. 


Note that this job position works in a lab environment, often operating heavy machinery and working closely with flammable solvents and dangerous substances such as ethanol and carbon dioxide.


The ideal candidate for this job position likely has a background in laboratory-based sciences and a thorough educational background. And, of course, a demonstrated passion for the cannabis industry, and an already thorough understanding of the plant, is always a plus. 


Dispensary Buyer


Dispensary buyers know the best of the best within the industry. They’re able to not only understand industry trends, but predict what new and upcoming products are going to be most popular among consumers. They have a very deep understanding of their specific dispensary, or weed delivery service, customer base in order to foresee which products are going to be most successful in order to successfully place orders, keep the menu rotating, and avoid any company-wide upset regarding residual or expired stock. 


Additionally, dispensary buyers are expected to have a general understanding of math in regards to commercial buying and wholesale inventory, and finally, be able to develop and maintain successful working relationships with cannabis brand vendors. 


All in all, a dispensary buyer plays a HUGE role in the success of a cannabis company, and this position isn’t to be taken lightly. A very driven, very smart, and very competent person belongs in this position — sounds like you? Then a dispensary buyer might be your dream job. 


Cultivation Technician


And finally, we’re going back to the grow rooms to share our final unique career in the cannabis industry: a cannabis cultivation technician. 


Cultivation technicians not only maintain grow rooms by providing daily care to each and every cannabis plant from germination to harvest, but they are responsible for cloning, transplanting, watering, crossing, and providing nutrients to the plants. 


As you can probably already guess, cultivation technicians play an incredibly important role in the overall success of a growing operation; after all, they are the ones responsible for maintaining the product and ensuring that the plants don’t die. More often than not, cultivation technicians are expected to have a deep understanding of the cannabis plant and its genetics, as well as a basic understanding of all state regulations regarding proper growing techniques. 


Maybe you’ve already attempted to grow your own cannabis plants at home or maybe you’ve always just left it up to the experts; either way, if you have a general understanding (and past success rate) in botany, and a proven track record of translating this knowledge to a large-scale commercial growing operation, then becoming a cultivation technician may be ideal for you! 


So there you have it: 7 unique careers in the cannabis industry. Whether you’ve dreamt of pursuing a position in the world of legal weed, or if you’re inspired to redirect your career path, the cannabis industry is a growing business in search of new and upcoming talent. Next time you order weed delivery on hyperwolf.com, keep these job positions in mind in order to gain a better understanding of how your favorite strains ended up in your hands. And who know, maybe one day you’ll be the one delivering or growing the weed.