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HyperWolf’s Guide to Pre-Rolls

Maybe you’re crunched for time, maybe you ran out of rolling papers, maybe you don’t have enough flower to get the job done, or maybe you’re just not in the mood; whatever the reason may be, sometimes rolling a joint just isn’t an option. 


And we get that. 


Enter: Pre-Rolls. Arguably the best invention since sliced bread, in our humble opinions; however, the considerable number of pre-rolls on the market can be overwhelming… and we get that.


If you feel even just slightly overwhelmed scrolling through our pre-roll menu, then this blog is for you. Keep reading for everything you need to know about pre-rolls.


What are Pre-Rolls


The term ‘pre-roll’ doesn’t leave too much to the imagination. Pre-rolls are exactly what they sound like — pre-rolled joints. Not only does this take away the hard, specialized work of rolling a joint, but pre-rolls make it incredibly easy to simply spark up, sit back, and enjoy (almost) anytime, and (almost) anywhere. 


You’ll inevitably come across a variety of pre-rolls on the market — from low-end varieties that are packed with ‘trim’ or ‘shake,’ otherwise known as loose flower, to varieties with mid-grade ground flower, to high-end varieties that feature top shelf strains and various infusions such as live rosin or kief. 


While we wholeheartedly encourage you to limit your pre-roll purchasing to exclusively mid-grade and high-end varieties, we understand that doing so requires background knowledge in order to determine which pre-rolls are cheap for a reason, which are overpriced, and which are actually worth buying. 


How To Find the Best Pre-Roll 


Reading the strain description.

Obviously pre-rolls are packed with flower, and the strain matters. Whether you prefer indica, sativa, or a hybrid variety, reading the strain description and understanding the potential effects are essential to a positive smoking experience. Read up and decide accordingly. 

Excluding trim or shake.

As mentioned earlier, some brands will include trim or shake in their pre-rolls, which is just the loose flower that falls off the buds. Essentially leftovers. It’s not ideal, but it’s a non-wasteful way to utilize flower and it’s not always a bad thing; however, rest-assured that none of the pre-rolls on our menu feature trim, shake, or any ‘filler’ plant material such as small stems. This ensures that you’ll get the most flavorful, the most potent, and the most high quality pre-rolls by shopping through hyperwolf.com.

Opting for a good ingredient list.

Ideally, the perfect pre-rolled joint features freshly ground flower, rolling papers with very minimal flavor, and an infusion to kick the potency up a notch. Common infusions include shatter, live rosin, kief, or moon rocks — just to name a few. While an infusion does not allude to whether the pre-roll is good or bad, it’s definitely an added bonus, especially for experienced cannabis connoisseurs. Additionally, we couldn’t exclude glass tip filters as an honorable mention because they add just a touch of luxury to the overall smoking experience. 

Buying from a reputable brand.

Talking Trees, West Coast Cure, Paradise Smokes, HyperWolf (of course)… we have quite a variety of brands whose pre-rolls we proudly carry. Whether you’re looking for a $10 or $20 single pre-roll or a pre-roll pack to last you a few smoke sessions, we’ve got you covered with options that are guaranteed to be high quality, and offered at a price point that fits your budget.


HyperWolf’s guide to pre-rolls


So once you’ve had your ~ideal pre-roll~ delivered directly to your doorstep (in 60 minutes or less, by the way) it’s time for the fun part… actually enjoying your pre-roll! 


If you haven’t already, we encourage you to read our blog that covers Best Practices for an Even Burn, especially tips #3 and #4. 


As previously mentioned, we guarantee that every pre-roll on our dispensary menu has been carefully curated — or created (Have you checked out our NEW WolfWalker Joints?) — to ensure the highest quality at the best price. We go out of our way to carry brands that aren’t commonly carried by all delivery services and dispensaries in order to offer a unique experience, ensure quality control, and broaden your horizons by constantly challenging you to try new things and brands that we fully support and give our stamp of approval. 


So now all that’s left for you to do is head to hyperwolf.com, navigate to our pre-roll menu, choose the option that best suits what you’re looking for, and finally — spark up, sit back, and enjoy.