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Best Cannabis Concentrates in California

So let’s be real here… nobody starts their cannabis journeys by tackling concentrates right away; however, for those who’ve graduated to hitting their dab rigs on a daily basis, you know good cannabis concentrates when you see—or smoke—them.


It’s no secret that we’re self-proclaimed cannabis connoisseurs, bud experts, and ultimately, just your everyday stoners with maybe just a little more knowledge about the ins and outs of the industry; if you need further proof, be sure to check out our Guide to Concentrates. With that being said, it’s especially important for us to find only the best of the best marijuana concentrates, so keep reading to learn more about 4 standout concentrate companies that we’re proud to carry on the HyperWolf platform.


Bear Labs


At first glance, you may be immediately drawn to the killer graphic design that graces the Bear Labs packaging. At this point, you may be thinking something along the lines of, “Well, it looks cool, let me give it a try.” Trust us, you’ll be happy you did.


Bear Labs is among the HIGHest quality weed concentrates in the game. The company first began making waves in the industry as early as 2014 with a team of experts that collectively possessed over 50 years of experience. It’s affordable, it’s potent, and most importantly — it’s rich in terpenes and incredibly flavorful. Don’t believe us? Try one for yourself! We love Mac1 Badder and Purple Guava Budder




CLSICS are… well, a classic! 


While their extraction process is modern and high-tech, they stay true to their San Diego roots, cultivating and developing classic solventless concentrates with integrity and total transparency. To set them apart in the saturated Southern California market, CLSICS encourages their consumers to enjoy their products socially; as a means to bring people together and create a community.


To have your own CLSICS experience, we suggest giving Dolce Banana Live Rosin or Hell Track Live Rosin a try in your next order. 


West Coast Cure


It should come as no surprise that West Coast Cure has earned a mention on our list of the best cannabis concentrates in California. Their high quality weed concentrates are both consistent, flavorful, and extracted from award winning strains. 


Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or new to the concentrates game, West Coast Cure is an excellent brand to place your trust in because they’ve been perfecting their craft long before legalization was even on the ballot. 


Ultimately, West Coast Cure stands by their commitment to only producing high quality products that they’d smoke themselves; with that being said, join the self-proclaimed “hardcore OGs” and dip into West Coast Cure’s SFV OG Sugar or Acai Kush Live Resin Badder.  


Cream of the Crop


If you’re looking for the Cream of the Crop of cannabis concentrates, then look no further. Cultivated with passion and created from the best, most exotic, most exclusive, and highest quality strains, Cream of the Crop is a brand that is not to be underestimated. 


Each Cream of the Crop concentrate features a rich blend of fragrant terpenes, a mouthwatering flavor profile, and a clean, smooth finish that rivals other weed concentrates in the game. Be sure to add their Crumpets Badder to your next weed delivery order!


Talking Trees


We simply couldn’t curate a list of the best cannabis concentrates in California without including Talking Trees. Sustainably-driven and cultivated to be of the highest quality, Talking Trees Farms produces single source cannabis concentrates in Northern California, specifically in the notorious Humboldt County.


Thanks to organic growing methods and entirely sustainable, compostable packaging, you can rest easy knowing that you’re consuming clean, safe, and chemical-free cannabis concentrates that are good for both you and Mother Earth. So with that being said, if you’re searching for a concentrate that will give you the best high without any unnecessary additives, add a Talking Trees bubble hash to your next order. If you need some help choosing, we suggest giving Royale Cookies or Lemon Cream Pie a try!


Finding high quality cannabis concentrates is not necessarily difficult—and definitely not unheard of—however, it can be daunting just given the many different brands on the market. We go out of our way to thoroughly examine and test each and every strain concentrate that’s on our menu in order to guarantee your satisfaction. But don’t take our word for it — try one out for yourself by ordering one of our craft cannabis concentrates directly to your doorstep.