what are they? moonrocks.

What are Moon Rocks and How to Smoke Moon Rocks?

Ever heard of moon rocks? Well, if you haven’t, brace yourself for a high that’s truly out of this world. Imagine reaching levels of euphoria that rival lunar exploration itself. That’s what are moon rocks offer—an otherworldly cannabis experience like no other.


Super concentrated and incredibly potent, moon rocks are the cannabis connoisseur’s secret weapon to achieving that nostalgic numbing high that feels just like the very first time you smoked a joint in your friend’s car. But you don’t need to be a cannabis connoisseur or certified budtender to jump on the moon rocks trend.


In this blog, we’ll share an in-depth exploration of moon rocks — what they are, potency, as well as the ins and outs of how to smoke moon rocks.


Let’s get started!


What are Moon Rocks?


Cannabis moon rocks are nugs of flower that are dipped in a marijuana concentrate such as hash oil (or rosin for an ultra premium experience, but more on that later), and promptly rolled in kief for an extra boost of potency and that fuzzy-looking texture synonymous with moon rocks. While any strain is perfectly fine to create moon rocks, GSC is the most traditional. 


Though it may go against the traditional moon rocks preparation, a premium version of moon rocks is created with a high quality, terpene-rich bud as the base, rosin as the sticky concentrate, and bubble hash to replace kief. Definitely worth a try if you’re attempting your own DIY-take on moon rocks. 


How Potent are Moon Rocks?


Like most cannabis products, marijuana moon rocks vary in potency depending on the batch. If, for example, you use one of our HyperWolf strains such as Hubba Bubba with a THC percentage of 38.31%, the end product is going to be more potent than if you were to use a strain with a slightly lower THC percentage such as BiScottie Pippen. (Please take a moment to appreciate the name of this strain.)


Generally speaking, moon rocks are typically around 50% THC; meaning, that they’re not for the faint of heart and not to be messed with by ultra new consumers… unless feeling adventurous — to each their own!


How to Smoke Moon Rocks


If you’ve ever handled moon rocks, then you’re already familiar with the sticky and dense texture. So, how do you smoke moon rocks? Let’s discuss.


When it comes to smoking moon rocks, we suggest ditching the rolling papers and instead picking up your favorite piece. The most popular way to smoke moon rocks is pretty straightforward — simply use scissors to cut the moon rocks into smaller pieces or pinch off your desired amount.


From there, simply pack a pipe or bong entirely with moon rocks or, for a less potent experience and just a little boost to your regular smoking routine, top your flower packed bowl with moon rocks. Then light (preferably with a hemp wick to avoid inhaling too much butane as moon rocks require a longer light time) and inhale!


Pro tips: 


  1. Don’t put moon rocks in a grinder
  2. Don’t pack a moon rocks bowl too tightly 


Will You Be Giving Moon Rocks a Try? 


Whether you purchase moon rocks for weed delivery or decide to make your own, moon rocks are a relatively easy and unique way to boost your high.

As mentioned, you don’t have to be a cannabis connoisseur to tap into the industry’s latest trends; however, if you need further direction or have any questions, feel free to visit hyperwolf.com and consult with our customer support team via the live chat on our website.