a close up of a sign for a mexican restaurant.

Local Spotlight: Chronic Tacos

Authentic Mexican food with a California vibe… look no further than Chronic Tacos. 


It’s no secret that [arguably] the most authentic Mexican food in the US is right here in sunny Southern California; after all, taco trucks, family-owned restaurants, and the most authentic grocery stores you’ve ever stepped foot in are synonymous with the state.


So, what happens when two native Californians go out in Newport Beach, CA—only to discover the total lack of authentic Mexican food? 


They open a restaurant. 


A Little Background


Chronic Tacos is an extremely well-known Mexican Grill with locations all across Southern California, Canada, and even Japan—yep, you read that right. It all started with two friends, Randy Wyner and Dan Biello. Growing up in Orange, CA, Randy Wyner knew a thing or two about street tacos—the quality, the authenticity, and the explosive flavor that sets these tacos apart from the rest. 



After moving to Newport Beach, Wyner expected something similar; however, was disappointed to discover that the same quality of food—the same authenticity—was missing in his new city. 


While out with his friend, Dan Biello, the two were on the hunt for some good street tacos to satisfy their late-night cravings. Unfortunately, luck was not on their side that night, but as two young entrepreneurs, Wyner and Biello knew what they needed to do: Open their very own taco shop, serving authentic Mexican food with a California Vibe. 


Backed by three generations of recipes, Chronic Tacos was officially born in July 2002 when the very first location opened in the city that Wyner and Biello hoped to infuse just a little authenticity into… Newport Beach, CA. 



Go-To Menu Items


Anything you order from the Chronic Tacos menu is sure to satisfy your cravings; after all, these menu items are the culmination of three whole generations of recipes. However, if you’re staring at the Chronic Tacos menu wondering what you should try first, Wyner and Biello recommend starting with the most popular dishes, the Surf n Turf burrito, the Chronic Tacos 2 Taco Plate, and the California burrito. 




Hungry yet?


Chronic Tacos Gives Back


For most restaurants with locations scattered throughout the world, it can be difficult to play even a small role within each individual local community. But Chronic Tacos is different. 


Since the beginning, the very idea of Chronic Tacos has been rooted in community. What started as a way to offer their local community high quality, authentic Mexican food has quickly expanded into what the restaurant chain is today, all while remaining tied to Newport Beach, CA and every local community that houses a Chronic Tacos location. 


More than just offering their community a way to experience authenticity, Chronic Tacos serves food and sponsors events, concerts, golf tournaments, and beach cleanups, among other local initiatives. Additionally, they remain open-minded to new service opportunities so long as these opportunities allow the restaurant to support their communities in a positive, uplifting way. 


Give Chronic Tacos a Try!


If you’re anything like us, you crave street tacos on a weekly basis, at the very least. A few of us over here at HyperWolf could easily say that we crave them on a daily basis, but that’s a discussion for another time. Luckily, their many locations across Southern California are ready and waiting to serve you some of the best Mexican food you’ve ever had. Trust us, you’ll be thinking about your meal for a while. 


Oh, and did we mention that they are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year? There’s truly no better time to give Chronic Tacos a try. We’ll see you there!