Edibles for Newcomers

Edibles for Newcomers

In the world of weed, edibles are an OG classic; however, since the legalization of marijuana in California, the edible game has leveled up — in other words, these aren’t the pot brownies you made in college.


Instead, cannabis companies have capitalized on the popularity of weed-infused treats and have taken the opportunity to craft artisanal edibles with exact dosage, different ways to minimize the bitter ‘green’ taste commonly associated with edibles, and some companies have even implemented time release technology into their recipes. 

Edibles for newcomers

If you’re new to taking edibles but curious about the experience, chances are that you’ve asked around and heard the horror stories: your cousin’s friend’s sister took 3x the amount past her tolerance level and subsequently experienced a long night absolutely tripping out. Or maybe you’ve heard positive stories from people who swear by edibles to encourage sleep or spark midday creativity.


Either way, what we’re trying to say is this: If the world of edibles is uncharted territory, finding the correct strain and dosage is your key to experiencing a pleasant high. If the idea of having to undergo a long process of trial and error is intimidating, skip the science experiment and keep reading for our complete guide to edibles for newcomers. 


Types of Edibles


Before you can consider yourself an edibles connoisseur, let’s first break down the different types of edibles on the market. Sure, you can add cannabis oil to nearly any food item to give it an upgrade; however, popular variations sold on the HyperWolf platform include gummies, mints, candies, chocolates, cookies, and rice krispies.

To help with selecting your edibles snack of choice, determine which strain best fits your mood. Would you prefer an indica-dominant strain to promote euphoria, relaxation, and well-rested sleep? Or would you instead prefer a sativa-dominant strain to stimulate a heightened sense of creativity and focus? Both options pose different benefits and are best suited for different scenarios.


Ultimately, your choice will depend on your cravings and purpose for consuming edibles given that our options are either individually dosed or packaged with a dosage chart in order to take the guesswork out of consuming edibles; which leads us to our next point…




Finding the right dosage tends to be the trickiest and most intimidating part of experimenting with edibles for the first time. More often than not, newcomers will consume a much higher dose than their tolerance level permits because edibles are delicious and it can be incredibly tempting to continue reaching for more; however, every experienced consumer will tell you that the key to a pleasurable high is knowing your limit, choosing the right strain for your desired high, and most importantly, understanding potency levels.


A 1mg – 2.5mg dose is very mild and typically used by newcomers with a low tolerance or those searching for a microdosed edible to help with minor pain or anxiety. 


A 2.5mg – 15mg dose is commonly suggested for moderately experienced users looking to achieve a heavily relaxed feeling that is ideal for sleep. 


A 30mg – 50mg dose is best suited for very experienced marijuana users with a high tolerance who may struggle to absorb the entirety of the cannabinoids in edibles. Such a high dose promotes heavy euphoria and even a confidence boost.


A 50mg – 100mg dose is saved for cannabis connoisseurs with an extremely heavy tolerance or used for the treatment of ailments such as cancer or inflammatory conditions. 


Edibles are digested and absorbed by the stomach and liver, so they tend to have delayed effects compared to smoking flower. To avoid a bad experience, we suggest taking the recommended dose that is stated on the packaging and wait an hour to fully assess your tolerance before consuming more. If you’ve misjudged your tolerance level and find yourself experiencing a “bad high,” drink plenty of water and take a small dose of CBD to offset the effects caused by the THC


Will You Try Edibles?


Edibles can be risky business for newcomers, but that shouldn’t discourage you from giving them a try. The perfect edibles high can inspire untapped creativity or, in contrast, act as a sedative and give you the best sleep of your life — all depending on which strain you choose as well as your tolerance level.

If you ever find yourself confused or undecided between a few different edibles options, our budtenders are on standby to help you find your high. So with that being said, what are you waiting for? Place your edibles order ASAP because you don’t want to miss out on an incredible cannabis experience.