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Best Cannabis Strains for Daytime

There’s nothing quite like a wake ‘n’ bake sesh. Morning smokes may [arguably] be the best way to start the day — after coffee, of course. Whether you prefer a joint, bowl, or bong, a few inhales of your favorite best cannabis strains for daytime. 


Even if you don’t find yourself smoking first thing in the morning, you may crave a puff or two throughout the day; don’t fight the craving, lean into it! And most importantly, lean into it with the best strains to keep you motivated and moving throughout the day. 


To point you in the right direction, we’re sharing the best cannabis strains for daytime. If you struggle finding the perfect bud to boost energy and increase motivation, we’ve got you covered! Or, if you already have your go-to strain(s), let us convince you to try something new. Either way, keep reading for our top daytime picks. 


Alien Labs: Biskanté


It’s no secret that Alien Labs knows a thing or two about weed. Having earned a reputation for releasing the best of the best top shelf weed, Alien Labs is one of those well-known brands in the cannabis industry that everybody knows, and everybody loves. 


With such a highly regarded reputation, it should come as no surprise that an Alien Labs strain landed on our list of the best cannabis strains for daytime. Though it was fairly difficult to choose just one strain, Biskanté earned a special shoutout on our list for its uplifting effects and similarly uplifting flavor and aroma profile. Given that we tend to gravitate more towards sweet, citrusy strains for daytime, Biskanté checks every box on our list. 


ROSE: Super Lemon MAC


If you haven’t yet tried ROSE Los Angeles flower, take this as your sign to add an eighth to your next hyperwolf.com weed delivery order. ROSE is taking the industry by storm with intentional, top shelf products — and their flower is no exception. 


As a heavy sativa-leaning hybrid strain (we’re talking 90% sativa, 10% indica), Super Lemon MAC easily earned a spot on our list today. It’s everything you need in a sativa: citrusy, uplifting, energizing, and stress-reducing. Definitely a go-to strain for those days when you just need a little extra boost of energy and creativity. 


HyperWolf: Zkittlez


We couldn’t even begin to imagine a list of the best cannabis strains for daytime without a Zkittlez strain. Now that we mention it, we couldn’t begin to imagine this list without our Zkittlez strain. We take extra care to offer only the best strains at a fair price point. Why? Because we believe that everybody deserves to smoke good weed, and we wouldn’t expect you to smoke anything that we wouldn’t smoke ourselves. 


Now, back to the strain. Zkittlez is a no-brainer for a daytime toke. There’s a reason this strain is so popular and well-known; its effects are euphoric and inspire creativity with a mellow body buzz that leaves you relaxed and pain free without leaving you heavily sedated. 


Connected Cannabis Co: Biscotti


Connected Cannabis Co. is a west coast brand making major waves in the industry. With a mixed arsenal of both classic and unique strains, chances are that Connected has exactly what you’re looking for. With so many top shelf strains to choose from, narrowing down our choice to just one worthy selection was a challenge, to say the least. 


So, why Biscotti? Though this popular strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, its effects are uplifting and creative with the indica influence taking form in a wave of relaxation that keeps you from overreacting to any stressors throughout the day. Additionally, its flavor and aroma profile are enough to replace your morning cup of joe, with notes of coffee, chocolate, and a subtle sweet earthiness. 


CannaLuca: Gelato 41


Exclusive to our menu, CannaLuca is a new cannabis brand that’s quickly earning a dank reputation in this cutthroat industry. In other words, CannaLuca is here to stay. Since launching on our menu, their strains have flown off of our digital shelves and into the hands of the cannabis connoisseurs who trust us to deliver good weed. The general consensus? CannaLuca is good weed. 


Good days start with CannaLuca. If you’re looking for a soothing, yet uplifting, experience to start your day, Gelato 41 is the strain to spark up. Its potent, balanced high is perfect for a morning sesh or a quick smoke at any time of day; however, we tend to reach for this strain to help us overcome an afternoon slump. 


Whether you swear by daytime smoke sessions to get you through the day or you’re just recently coming around to the idea of spending your days as high as a kite, these strains are sure to keep you bright-eyed and uplifted while the sun is up. If you haven’t already, be sure to add one (or all) of these daytime strains to your next weed delivery order on hyperwolf.com