a black and yellow photo of a bushfire kitchen.

Local Spotlight: Bushfire Kitchen

How do you define comfort food? 


To us, comfort foods are the classic meals that we grew up with. Those Sunday night family dinners that were hearty, delicious, and undoubtedly heavy on the calories. But now as adults, cholesterol is a concern and healthy meals have routinely replaced those calorie-dense dinners we came to know and love. 


But what happens when you combine those classic comfort foods with high quality, healthy, and locally sourced ingredients? Bushfire Kitchen sought to find out. 


Established in 2012, Bushfire Kitchen is a locally owned restaurant nestled in Temecula, CA. Since its establishment, the health-conscious restaurant has since grown into a beloved local chain across Southern California, with plans to expand even further. 



Bushfire Kitchen is a necessary stop to experience the best comfort food in Temecula; however, before you pay a visit (and order the Millionaire’s B.L.T — trust us), keep reading for a little background information straight from their team.


A Little Background


Prior to 2012, Temecula, CA seriously lacked healthy, fresh, AND affordable options. It was this very gap in the Temecula restaurant scene that inspired two cousins—a chef and an entrepreneur—to open their own restaurant with a menu that focused on Comfort Food You Can Feel Good About. So Bushfire Kitchen was born just a relatively short distance from the cousins’ home in San Diego. 


It’s no secret that healthy dining in Southern California is notoriously expensive; however, Bushfire Kitchen challenges such notoriety by ensuring that each and every item on their menu is of the utmost quality and freshness — without breaking the bank. Since the very beginning, the team at Bushfire Kitchen has remained committed to only sourcing the best ingredients, exclusively using local produce as much as possible, and only offering humanely raised, antibiotic-free meat. Rooted in their mission to provide each and every guest with healthy choices and quality ingredients at an affordable price point, Bushfire Kitchen remains true to their original vision 10 years later and for many more years to come. 



Oh, and did we mention that Bushfire Kitchen refuses to use preservatives, food colorings, flavor enhancers, or GMOs in their recipes? This truly is high quality comfort food reimagined for the modern age. 


Go-To Menu Items


Every item on the Bushfire Kitchen menu is made slow and served fast; meaning that you’re only given the best meals cooked under the highest standards of quality and served at peak freshness. Additionally, almost everything they serve on their menu is made from scratch to guarantee a level of quality you can taste. 


Their menu features a wide variety of specially curated and globally-inspired comfort food to redefine classic American cuisine, and if you have certain dietary preferences or restrictions such as vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free, no worries because Bushfire Kitchen has you covered.


With so many incredible menu items, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what to try first. If you need some guidance, the team at Bushfire Kitchen suggests trying a few of their top sellers such as the Grass-Fed Tri Tip with Housemade Chimichurri, the Strawberry and Spinach Salad, the En Fuego Burger, the Sustainable Salmon Bowl, or grab a few of their famous empanadas. 



Oh, and if you happen to be around for happy hour, be sure to take full advantage of their daily deals from 2-5pm at any location that has a full bar. A collection of $4 Bushfire beers, $5 glasses of wine, a $6 cocktail of the day, and food specials? Say less. 


Bushfire Kitchen Gives Back


As a locally owned and family operated restaurant, Bushfire Kitchen genuinely cares about their local communities. Whether you visit the location in Temecula, Menifee, La Costa, Del Mar, or Eastvale, Bushfire Kitchen is sure to be taking part in giving back in some way — partnering with local schools, supporting non-profits, and running in-store fundraisers and monthly events are just some of the many ways their team gets involved in their communities. Additionally, their locations throw live music Thursdays during the summer months. 


Next time you’re in the mood for comfort food, Bushfire Kitchen is ready to take your order. But fair warning, once you try Bushire Kitchen once, your cravings will skyrocket and your first visit definitely won’t be your last. Take it from us — this is one of the best local restaurants, so indulge in some healthy comfort food before calling it a night and relaxing with your latest hyperwolf.com weed delivery order.