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Local Spotlight: Salt Oasis

Welcome to Salt Oasis. More than a wellness retreat, Salt Oasis is an escape from everyday life. Inspired by the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland, and located right here in Southern California near the heart of Rancho Cucamonga, Salt Oasis is your new key to unlocking optimal health and blissful tranquility. 


The team over at Salt Oasis were kind enough to invite us to unplug and spend a day of relaxation and retreat at their Rancho Cucamonga location; needless to say, we left as better versions of ourselves. 


Friendly Staff, a relaxing environment, and renewed energy were just some of the many benefits we experienced at Salt Oasis. But to more fully understand why we love this wellness escape and think that everybody should book salt therapy sessions on a weekly basis, keep reading.


A Little Background


After meeting with Bruno, the owner of Salt Oasis, we sought to understand the inspiration behind the unsuspecting wellness retreat. So, our very first question was: Why salt caves? Especially given that salt caves aren’t as mainstream in the United States… yet.


Salt Oasis was directly inspired by the salt mines in Poland; more specifically, Wieliczka, which is the most visited Salt Mine in the world. It’s basically its own town… but more on that later.


Salt caves first became popular in the wellness space after men working in the Polish salt mines were surprisingly healthy; rarely suffering from colds, lung conditions, and other respiratory issues — despite their grueling work conditions and poor nutrition. After this discovery, studies were conducted and the popularity of salt caves expanded through Poland and Eastern Europe. 


With family roots in Poland, Bruno’s dad and his business partner traveled back to their home country. After hearing about the salt mines, they set aside time to visit the underground town in the hopes of experiencing the incredible benefits from breathing in the salt firsthand. What they left with was renewed energy, a greater sense of relaxation, and… a business plan. 


Inspired and motivated by the desire to bring such healing benefits back to the US, Salt Oasis was born in Chicago, IL. Since then, Salt Oasis has grown and expanded from Chicago, Illinois to Rancho Cucamonga, California. In the future, Salt Oasis is expected to continue growing with intentions to open the business up to franchise opportunities. 


Go-To Treatments


While any of the treatments you receive at Salt Oasis are sure to be life-changing, there are a few experiences that clients book most often. First and foremost, salt therapy is a much-loved go-to that every client needs to experience at least once. However, if you book one of their Halo Massages, which include Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and therapeutic massages, you’ll still receive the benefits of salt therapy because each 60 minute massage is immediately followed by a 30 minute salt therapy session to further flush toxins and reduce that sluggish post-massage feeling. 


In addition to salt therapy and massages, Salt Oasis also offers sessions in their state-of-the-art breathing chairs to reduce anxiety, inflammation, stress, and headaches while increasing energy, focus, productivity, and toxin release. And finally, be sure to sign up for one of their guided yoga or sound bath wellness classes in their incredible and one-of-a-kind salt cave. 


Keep in mind that the key to receiving the full benefits of all Salt Oasis treatments are to stay consistent and aim to book at least once per week, ideally, or multiple times per week, if possible. Their membership program helps clients stay consistent and save money over a longer period of time. 


Hotspots Around Rancho Cucamonga 


After enjoying your halo massage at Salt Oasis, be sure to stop by Haven City Market for plenty of food options guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. From barbeque, to poke, to ramen, to tacos, and everything in between, Haven City Market has basically everything you could possibly want. And while there are plenty of beers to choose from onsite, the team at Salt Oasis suggests opting for lots of water post-treatment to avoid dehydration and dizziness while continuing to flush out any toxins. 


After our day spent at Salt Oasis, we’re officially believers in the power of salt therapy and genuinely felt a massive difference in our overall health and well-being — this coming from borderline skeptics who weren’t expecting such dramatically healing results. With that being said, we’re hoping you follow in our footsteps and book a treatment at Salt Oasis for some much needed R&R… you can thank us later. 


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