Munchies Explained

Munchies… Explained

So you’re halfway through your second joint and suddenly feel the first pangs of hunger… and that’s your queue to grab the snacks because you’ve come down with a classic case of the munchies. 


Munchies are so ingrained in cannabis culture that we often overlook the sensation and don’t think much of it, but have you ever found yourself asking why weed makes you so hungry? Our daily snack attack piqued our curiosity, so we buckled down and did the necessary research so you don’t have to — let’s get scientific. 

Why does weed make you hungry?

On a biological level, our bodies receive hunger signals as a result of an empty stomach, a drop in blood sugar levels, the production of hormones (specifically ghrelin and leptin), and brain signals from the hypothalamus region. Every single day, we experience these hunger stimulations, but stoners are known to be the hungriest humans of them all — why is that?


Sure the cannabinoids can influence the taste and smell, which can ultimately play an overall role in the initial interest in food; however, the real science happens when the hormone, ghrelin, is produced in response to our bodies consuming weed. This hormone immediately sends hunger signals to the brain and triggers our body’s insatiable appetite while riding the high. So there you have it; ghrelin is the culprit behind your extra weed-induced weight gain, but what snacks does your body tend to crave most while under the influence of cannabis?

Sweet or Savory?

It’s no secret that THC makes food, in general, more enjoyable. If we’re being entirely transparent, it makes most things in life more enjoyable — at least in our experience. However, it’s proven science that THC enhances the pleasure response by releasing dopamine, similar to the dopamine release while snacking on something sweet. More often than not, stoners tend to scour the cookie aisle at the grocery store, making sure to pick up an extra pack of Oreos, but the decision between sweet or savory is entirely personal and circumstantial. 


Our cravings tend to switch between sweet and savory, but do find yourself taking a side?


Speaking of our cravings…


We couldn’t spend all of this time hyping up the munchies just to leave you hungry for more, so we went straight to our team to get their take on the ultimate high snack. Answers were varied, and while we agreed that mozzarella sticks, chicken nuggets, and pizza are never bad choices, we thought it would be best to compile a list of easy grab-and-go snack options. So, without further ado, here are our top 10 favorite munchies for when that insatiable hunger hits:


1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

2. Tapatio Doritos 

3. Munchies Snack Mix

4. Smart Foods Cheesy Popcorn

5. Sour/Gummy Candy

6. PopTarts 

7. Chips, Guac, and Salsa

8. OG Classic Potato Chips 

9. Flamin Hot Cheetos

10. Reese’s Pieces 


And there you have it!


Now that you’re hungry, we hope you pick up some of our rec’s before your next smoke sesh.