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Local Spotlight: Lola Gaspar

Santa Ana is a city fully immersed in Mexican culture. From the vibrant arts scene and local events to the preserved historical sites and the authentic Mexican restaurants, Santa Ana is a populous gem in the middle of Orange County. 


However, one particular restaurant in Santa Ana has not only captured our attention, but has stood the test of time in the competitive Southern California restaurant scene. 


Lola Gaspar


Lola Gaspar is a cultural staple of Santa Ana and has been for the past 13 years. Restaurants come and go, but Lola Gaspar is forever cemented in the fabric of Santa Ana due to its authenticity and undeniable legacy within the community. To learn more about Lola Gaspar and discover how fresh ownership is breathing new life into this Santa Ana staple, keep reading. 


A Little Background


The entrepreneurial spirit was instilled in Abel Macias from a young age. As the son of two business owners, Macias knew that at some point, he’d follow in their footsteps and ultimately open his very own business. 


With over 20 years of experience working in the food and beverage industry, owning a restaurant/bar was a natural progression. It allowed Macias to apply extensive work experience towards his new business venture while utilizing his inherent entrepreneurial spirit. So when the timing was right and Lola Gaspar was up for sale, Macias jumped at the opportunity. 


After acquiring Lola Gaspar, Macias was faced with a unique challenge. He needed to leverage his professional background and business acumen to successfully breathe new life into Lola Gaspar while honoring and building upon the legacy the original owners had established. With that being said, the name, location (a beautiful historic Santora Building, built in 1928), and cultural/local impact of Lola Gaspar has since remained the same as Macias ushers in a new era for the Santa Ana staple. 


Go-To Menu Items


Sure, anything you try at Lola Gaspar is going to be delicious. But if you’re anything like us, you like to go into a new restaurant with a little guidance. You want to try the best of the best — the go-to items that everybody craves long past their final bite. 


At Lola Gaspar, those items include the Northern Mexico (Sonoran) style mesquite grilled asada and prawn tacos. Or if you’re in the mood to mix it up, we suggest trying Lola Gaspar’s Quekas, a Sonoran quesadilla made with corn tortillas and stuffed with chihuahua cheese and meat. 




Is anybody else’s mouth watering and stomach growling? 


Lola Gaspar Within the Community



Lola Gaspar has a huge soccer following. Business was booming during the recent World Cup games; however, if you missed out on the Lola Gaspar watch parties, don’t stress because they are the home of Barcelona FC and LAFC. Even more exciting, ​​Lola Gaspar is an Official Los Angeles Football Club Bar Partner for the 2023 Season. Be sure to stop into one of their LAFC watch parties to be hosted throughout the season. 


Additionally, Lola Gaspar takes part in tequila and mezcal tasting events, OC Restaurant Week, ArtWalk, local pub crawls, and a number of local Santa Ana events. 


What To Do in Santa Ana, California


As mentioned, Santa Ana is a populous city; a gem within Orange County and home to a number of activities to immerse yourself in the city’s history and culture. When asked about what to do in Santa Ana, Macias shared a community favorite that will have you living like a local. 


First and foremost, he mentioned Downtown Santa Ana’s vibrant arts community that’s full of galleries, theaters, and art studios. If you happen to be around on the first Saturday of every month, stop into the Downtown Santa Ana area and watch the arts community come alive during their monthly ArtWalk. This is a free, community-based arts showcase that’s open to all ages and takes place from 6pm-10pm. Be sure to bring the whole family and stop into Lola Gaspar for a bite to eat while you’re in the area. 


So there you have it — a community staple nestled in the heart of historic Downtown Santa Ana. At this point, you’ve read our blog, you’ve ordered weed delivery and smoked some Hyperwolf flower, and now you’re facing a case of the munchies. There’s only one thing left to do… head to Lola Gaspar and tell them Hyperwolf sent you.