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Boveda: Humidity Control at its Finest

It’s the same cycle on repeat: You purchase an eighth of flower, maybe neglect to store the container in ‘ideal conditions,’ and suddenly find yourself with dried out weed in just a few weeks’ time. It’s the plight of the modern stoner. 


Enter: Boveda.


Boveda packs disrupt the aforementioned cycle by keeping weed fresher for longer. Here at Hyperwolf, we protect our flower with Boveda’s terpene shield technology. But to fully understand what that means and the impact Boveda has on our weed, keep reading because in this blog we’re discussing everything you need to know about Boveda, terpene shield technology, and why we swear by their magic packs. Let’s get started. 


What is Boveda?



Boveda is the world’s leader in 2-way humidity control packs. Prior to Boveda, most companies that required moisture control to maintain their products resorted to sponges or messy, labor-intensive chemical solutions. Boveda recognized the need for change, and has been a leader in humidity control since 1997. 


But how does it work? Science.


A unique salt water solution works to regulate humidity while Boveda’s patented packaging allows the exceptionally purified water vapor to either be emitted or absorbed depending on what the environment requires. By only acting upon its environment, Boveda 2-way humidity control packs keep our Hyperwolf flower between 58% and 62% relative humidity (RH), which adheres to the ASTM Cannabis Standards that require humidity to remain between 55-65% to prevent mold while preserving the flower. 


Proper humidity control guarantees better flavor, a better experience, and a higher quality product at your doorstep. Through the use of Boveda’s terpene shield, our flower has a greater chance of staying fresh for 60+ days. 


What is a Terpene Shield?


Trichome and terpene preservation is the key to consistent, quality cannabis. By preserving the trichomes, you inevitably preserve the terpenes, which hold all the flavor and play a major role in guiding your cannabis experience from inhale to exhale. To learn everything you need to know about terpenes and how they guide your experience, be sure to check out our Terpenes 101 blog for more information. 


Boveda works to preserve terpenes by utilizing their unique terpene shield technology. By inserting a Boveda pack in our flower jars, a monolayer of purified water vapor is placed over the trichomes and protects all the goods—trichomes and terpenes—from evaporation. 


Preserved trichomes = potent terpenes = bud at proper relative humidity = a better experience even weeks after purchase. 



Why Boveda is Important


In order to do what we do best, we place special emphasis on our packaging and delivery processes. We recognize that some flower companies choose to skimp on the humidity control and either choose a non-name brand pack that doesn’t work nearly as well, or even worse, skip on humidity control altogether. It’s no surprise that either option doesn’t end well because if left unprotected or only partially protected, cannabis flower can lose up to 40% of terpenes


By using Boveda’s patented technology that they’ve continually perfected through decades of research and development, we’re able to do what we do best: Deliver Southern California’s highest quality and most affordable cannabis directly to your doorstep in just 60 minutes or less. 



Though Boveda may cost more compared to generic brands, we wholeheartedly believe that the extra cost is worth it for the consumer. Ultimately, Boveda also works to offer peace of mind to both our team and our customers because fresh Hyperwolf weed is guaranteed with every order. Does weed expire? Yes, but with Boveda, our Hyperwolf brand flower offers a longer shelf life, especially when stored in ideal conditions. To find out exactly what conditions are considered ‘ideal’ depending on your weed stash, be sure to read through our stoner hacks blog covering how to store weed


Boveda Makes the Difference


Boveda recently conducted a study that resulted in 94% of participants preferring bud preserved by Boveda compared to bud without any terpene shield protection. In the end, it’s impossible to doubt whether or not Boveda provides a better experience. Our customers deserve the best, and Boveda makes all the difference in guaranteeing the best. 



If you’d like to learn more about Boveda and the difference their 2-way humidity control packs make to not only cannabis, but a wide range of different consumable products, check out their website and give them a follow on Instagram @bovedainc. For wholesale inquiries, email [email protected] or check out their wholesale page


Oh, and next time you place a weed delivery on hyperwolf.com for one of our Hyperwolf brand flower eighths, take a moment to notice and appreciate the handy Boveda pack in your bud.