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Local Spotlight: Pie Trap Pizza

There’s just something about NY style pizza. The thin and crispy crust, the doughy center, and the ginormous slices that fold in on themselves… It’s a piece of heaven in each and every bite. Or what about Detroit’s doughy and thick, yet remarkably light, focaccia bread pizzas? 


Both East Coast pizza styles are an American treasure, to say the least. A treasure that the West Coast hasn’t quite perfected — until Pie Trap Pizza opened. Backed by passion and the desire to put a smile on each and every face that walks through the door, Pie Trap Pizza brings the flavors of the East Coast to Covina. 


Hungry yet? If not, keep reading because we’re sharing one of our favorite local NY-style pizza spots. High quality ingredients, no freezers, no BS. Let’s get into it. 


A Little Background



High quality pizza is the norm in NYC. Found on street corners deep in the Bronx, across the Brooklyn Bridge, and everywhere in-between, the Big Apple is known for their pizza. And New Yorkers know good pizza. There must be something in the water, right?


Nope, it’s all about technique and passion; two qualities essential to NY-style pizza. 


When Paul first opened Pie Trap Pizza, he was inspired by classic New York technique and motivated by a desire to bring that same level of quality and availability to his local community. However, Paul didn’t just wake up one day and start tossing pizzas professionally. For the past 10 years, he’s been baking pies backyard style, which proved to be a source of inspiration when it came time to open Pie Trap Pizza. 


The San Gabriel Valley was seriously lacking in authentic New York and Detroit-style pizzas, so Paul and his team have since filled that gap and put their own spin on the classic East Coast staple. Covina is a community that deserves good pizza, and that’s exactly what this local gem brings to the table. 


Go-To Menu Items


Through years of experience and recipe testing, Pie Trap Pizza has perfected their pies. Each pizza has all the components of a slice you’d find in a New York City or Detroit pizza shop, but with a California twist using 3-5 day cold fermented dough, the best quality cheese, and California tomatoes. Never frozen, always fresh, and no expense spared at Pie Trap Pizza. 


When ordering, you’re given a choice between a 20” thin, crispy, and chewy New York style pizza or a Detroit style, which is thicker (but still light and doughy) focaccia bread cut into squares. 


Anything on their menu is going to receive a 5-star rating from your taste buds, but one of their fan-favorite menu items is the Xxxplosive, an Ezzo cup & char pepperoni (naturally wood-smoked and semi-dry cured), fresh sliced jalapenos, and Mike’s Hot Honey. Another is the Whole D., a crispy, light Detroit-style square with Ezzo cup & char pepperoni topped with sauce. Oh, and pro tip: Ask to add burrata and Mike’s Hot Honey to the slice — you can thank us later.



Pie Trap Pizza Gives Back


As Pie Trap Pizza continues to grow and expand, it’s their greatest wish to be embedded in the fabric of their local community; to be a place for locals to call their own. A small shop where anybody who walks through the door feels right at home while watching the chefs do what they do best and enjoying a whole pie or pizza by the slice. 

Customers are at the very center of everything that Pie Trap Pizza does. The owners and employees are all members of the local community who genuinely care about the customers they’re serving; rest assured that when you step foot in Pie Trap Pizza, you can count on superior hospitality, a great slice, and some fun. 

In addition to serving their customers, Pie Trap Pizza gives back to the community by hosting local events, especially local sports teams to celebrate their achievements. They also support the teams by airing their games on the TVs around the shop. 



What to Do in Covina, CA


Pie Trap Pizza happens to be located right next to one of the best beer spots in town, Arrow Lodge Brewery. If pizza and beer sounds like your perfect night, be sure to pick up a pie and take it over to the brewery to enjoy award-winning pints while you chow down on a New York or Detroit style slice. 

Pie Trap Pizza truly has nothing but good things to say about the local community. When asked about their favorite things to do around town, the owner proudly gushed about the diverse community that’s welcoming and friendly, the beautiful San Gabriel mountains, and the stunning beaches just a short 30 minute drive from their shop. Oh, and Pie Trap Pizza’s master pizza chef, Frankie, orders weed delivery from hyperwolf.com, so you’re in good company. 

NOW are you hungry? If so, be sure to pack a bowl or smoke a joint before heading to Covina’s very own Pie Trap Pizza this weekend.