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Stoner Hacks: How to Store Weed

There are plenty of stoner hacks, but few as important as how to store your weed. Imagine buying a couple eighths or an ounce of your favorite fresh flower, only to store it improperly and end up with a crumbly, dry, maybe even moldy mess. Couldn’t be us! And we’re not going to let that happen to you.


In this blog, we’ll share everything you need to know about storing weed. From why it’s important to properly store your weed to best practices, you’ll finish this blog ready to revamp your weed storage and keep your flower fresh for longer than ever. Let’s get started!


Why Is It Important To Properly Store Weed?


Like most other consumable goods in life, weed does have an expiration date. If you haven’t already, be sure to read through our ‘Does Weed Expire?’ blog — spoiler alert… yes, but read through the entire blog for a full breakdown. 


In order to prolong freshness and push the expiration date back, it’s important to properly store your weed. If improperly stored, your flower can be exposed to a multitude of elements that can affect its overall quality, and subsequently, your overall experience. For example, if your flower is exposed to too much air, your buds can dry out. If your flower is exposed to too much humidity, mold can grow. And if your flower is exposed to wet conditions, you’re risking fungal growth. 


So, to avoid any mishaps and wasted weed, keep reading for how to store your weed — the right way. 


The Best Way to Store Your Weed


Choose the Right Containers


Rule of thumb is to store your flower in clean glass containers such as a mason jar; however, that’s not the only tried and true way to keep your nugs fresh. Choosing the right storage container for your stash comes down to whether you need long term or short term storage. While glass mason jars are ideal for long term storage, a mylar bag will do just fine for short term. Keep in mind that proper weed storage has the additional benefit of keeping your weed stash smell-proof, which is never a bad thing if you’re trying to hide or get rid of the smell of weed


Store Your Weed in Glass Mason Jars


As mentioned, glass mason jars are an excellent choice and are, without a doubt, one of the most popular ways to store flower — especially if you’re storing a large amount. Glass jars are optimal in terms of temperature and humidity control; however, clear glass jars put your buds at risk of light degradation, which is easily avoided if you keep your flower in a dark place… but more on that later. 


Compared to other glass containers, mason jars have the added benefit of an air-tight seal, which further aids in humidity and temperature while keeping your flower fresh and aromatic for longer. 


Store Your Weed in Mylar Bags


While surfing our dispensary menu, you’ll notice a lot of eighths sold in mylar bags, including our 2 Gram Slams. These tight sealing bags offer three layers of protection from moisture, light, and color while still protecting the nugs and keeping storage space to a minimum. Additionally, mylar bags are ideal for travel since you can keep them in your pockets compared to a large glass jar. 


Compared to glass mason jars, mylar bags are flexible, thin, and very durable — if you drop the bag, it obviously won’t shatter. However, bags are preferable for short term storage while glass jars can be used for long term. 


Store Your Weed in Titanium Jars


Many brands will sell their pre-measured eighths in titanium jars because they prevent light degradation, they’re very durable, and they won’t affect the taste of the flower overtime as metal jars do. 


Choosing the right container for you is an essential part of proper weed storage; however, most airtight containers will do the trick. The real key to keeping your flower fresh is where you store your stash. With that being said…


Choose the Best Storage Place


Needless to say, a bright windowsill or a coffee table that’s engulfed in sunlight for most of the day is not the best place to store your weed. In order to keep most of anything fresh, it’s important to choose a cool, dark place.


When you imagine a cool, dark place, your mind may immediately think to put your flower in the refrigerator or freezer — avoid these options. Such extreme temperatures can actually increase humidity while causing your flower to freeze and become brittle in addition to damaging the trichomes. Once the trichomes are damaged, your buds are bound to be less potent, less flavorful, and less effective. The only exception to this rule are perishable edibles or cannabis beverages. 


As mentioned, keep your flower away from heat to avoid terpene evaporation, away from frozen temperatures to avoid trichome damage, away from sunlight to avoid light degradation, and away from humidity to maintain the proper moisture content. 


So there you have it! Next time you place a weed delivery order on hyperwolf.com, be sure to prepare a cool, dry place to store your stash. Not only will this save you time and money, but it will preserve your smoking experience so that it can be the best from the first hit all the way to the last hit from the bottom of the (mylar) bag… or jar!