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Stoner School: How Much is an Eighth of Weed?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: weed industry lingo isn’t always the easiest to decipher. However, understanding certain terms and phrases not only saves you in the smoke circle, but could potentially save you money during the checkout process. 


If you listen in on a conversation between a pair of stoners, you may overhear them talking about ‘an eighth of weed;’ which, in turn, may leave you scratching your head wondering what exactly that means. So, how much is an eighth of weed? And how does an eighth of weed differ from a gram or an ounce? In this blog, we’ll answer these burning questions as well as help you to understand all of the different weed measurements and the lingo to match. 


Grab your notebooks and pens because class is back in session!


How to Measure Weed


In today’s stoner school lesson, we’ll be covering each different weed measurements. While no measurement is necessarily better than another, it’s important to note that the perfect amount of weed genuinely depends on your personal preference — how often you smoke, the type of nugs you prefer, etc.


So, without further ado, let’s get into the full breakdown. From a gram, to a quarter, to a pound… we have a lot to cover. 


How Much is a Gram of Weed?


Every single weed measurement stems from a single gram as it’s the base measurement for cannabis. In most cases, a gram of flower is the smallest amount that can be purchased, and it’s ideal for those who are new to smoking weed and may not yet have an understanding of their tolerance levels or how much they’d like to consume. 


Keep in mind that a gram of weed may look different depending on the circumstance. For example, a dense nug may look small, but weigh a full gram, while that same nug may look larger after being put in the grinder, but obviously still weighs the same amount. Ultimately, a gram of weed is generally enough to back a few bowls or roll a couple joints or a single blunt.  


How Much is an Eighth of Weed?


While an eighth may sound like a strange measurement, it’s really quite simple. ‘An eighth’ is really just an eighth of an ounce of weed. (Pro tip: Once you think of weed measurements as just a fraction of a whole ounce, the lingo becomes self-explanatory.) 


Measuring in at 3.5 grams, an eighth of weed is what you see typically contained in those small jars at the dispensary. It’s the most popular amount of weed purchased at any given time because it’s enough to roll approximately three to four joints and pack several bowls; however, you’re in no rush to consume it because it’s a relatively easy amount to consume in a timely manner. 


How Much is a Quarter of Weed?


Next on the list of measurements is a quarter of weed, which is double an eighth; measuring in at 7 grams total. If you’re a regular smoker who tends to go through their flower stash relatively quickly, purchasing a quarter at a time will be a game changer for you because it’s enough to roll 7-12 joints and pack a considerable number of bowls.


How Much is a Half of Weed?


A half of weed is 2x the amount of a quarter, but half the amount of an ounce. If you’re doing the math with us, a half is a total of 14 grams of flower, which is enough to roll upwards of approximately 30 or so joints and pack a considerable number of bowls. 


Ideal for heavier smokers, the amount of time a half would last depends on how often you choose to smoke as well as how big of joints you roll or bowls you pack. While a half might last novice smokers a month or longer, regular smokers may find themselves going through a half in only a week.


How Much is an Ounce of Weed?


And finally, we’ve reached an ounce. Measuring in at just over 28 grams, an ounce is undoubtedly a considerable amount of flower. Similar to a half, the timespan it may take somebody to finish an ounce is entirely dependent on how often they smoke weed and how much they smoke in a single session; however, an ounce of flower can generally produce approximately 60 joints and a nearly countless number of tightly packed bowls. An ounce of weed is great for those stoners who smoke often because it allows them to buy in bulk, which saves money and frequent delivery time/costs.


It’s important to consider that an ounce of weed is the legal limit that can be purchased in a single transaction in the US. Definitely take that into consideration when placing your next weed delivery order! 


How Much is a Pound of Weed?


We couldn’t conclude our list of weed measurements without mentioning a full pound of weed — even if such an amount isn’t available for purchase in a single sale. It goes without saying that a pound of weed is a LOT of weed. How much exactly? Well, a pound measures in at 16 entire ounces—yep, you read that right—16 ounces, or 454 grams of flower. 


It’s hard to fully comprehend that amount of weed, especially to be used by a single person. That said, a full pound is typically only legally possessed by established and licensed companies within the industry, especially since most states, even legal states, limit the amount of weed that can be possessed by a single person as a means to prevent illegal resale. 

So there you have it… an entire list of weed measurements ranging from a single gram all the way to 454 grams (a pound). It’s important to understand, and ultimately share, this information because you never want to find yourself ordering too little, or too much weed — especially since weed can expire. So, next time you’re in the middle of placing your next weed delivery order on, be sure to keep this info in mind to ensure that you’re ordering the ideal amount.