Delivering Your Order

Who’s Delivering Your Order?

We get it; you place a lot of trust in your weed delivery drivers in delivering your order in 60 minutes or less, all while remaining kind, courteous, and as discreet as possible.


Weed delivery drivers are basically the unsung heroes of this day and age, and preserving their heroic reputation while ensuring a pleasant and safe experience for both our customers and drivers is one of our top priorities. That said, we’ve done the groundwork to fine-tune our hiring process in an effort to carefully find, vet, and hire the best delivery drivers in the game. Here’s how…


To kick off the process, we send an initial set of questions for potential drivers to thoughtfully answer before sifting through the submissions and carefully selecting applicants. If selected, the drivers are asked to complete a video or phone screening that is later evaluated by our team, including upper management. From there, selected drivers will be asked to visit HyperWolf HQ for an in-person interview.


If all goes well, our driver managers will complete a professional reference check as well as a thorough background check while cross-checking the driver’s vehicle maintenance records, car insurance records, and DMV driving history report.


Once the initial hiring process is complete, our new driver begins in-person training and orientation with our management team before connecting with a professional driving lead to undergo extensive training and shadowing in the field. During this training phase, our professional driving lead is paying extra close attention to the trainee’s driving skills, customer service, and overall adherence to safety protocols.


Afterwards, our management team and professional driving leads continue to check-in with new drivers and monitor their driving performance, reliability, and customer service skills; being sure to re-train drivers who may need additional assistance or training in specific areas. We encourage an open line of communication between all of our drivers, new hirees, and management, which allows every driver to feel comfortable enough to express their concerns, and whether they may need additional support via retraining. And finally, we’re always on the lookout for customer reviews to ensure the best service possible.


From start to finish, our extensive interview and training program is designed with the safety of both our drivers and our customers in mind. Once the process is complete, our new drivers feel extremely secure and confident in their ability to provide the best, five-star, experience every single time.


At HyperWolf, we take pride in our driver safety and ability to provide the necessary tools for our drivers to be the best in order to deliver the best weed in Southern California — all in an effort to help you Find Your High.