Women Owned Brands on the HyperWolf Platform

Women Owned Brands on the HyperWolf Platform

The future is female and just as the world is making way for powerful feminine forces, the cannabis industry is following suit. Despite being a historically male-saturated space, women currently hold big roles as innovators, CEOs, buyers, growers… the list goes on. Here at HyperWolf, it’s among our greatest responsibilities to highlight the women owned brands on our platform including Your Highness, Rove, Kikoko, Space Gem, Yummi Karma, and Left Coast — all of which are making major waves in the industry through their innovative product launches and commitment to high quality cannabis.

Your Highness

Based in Los Angeles, Your Highness is a craft cannabis company that our team has collaborated with on various product drops and merch collections in recent years. They specialize in producing atrisinal strains that truly capture the effort their cultivation team puts towards their unique breeding and growing processes. Available strains include Shady Apples, Lemon Meringue Cake, Lemon Mints 11 “The One,” Tequila Mints, and Rain drops — each alluding to the various flavor profiles and notes you can expect due to the different terpene and cannabinoid contents that play a determining factor in the overall taste and experience.


It’s no secret that Your Highness is on a mission to do big things; if you haven’t checked out their innovative product drops, you can do so here!


We would be doing the brand—and the industry as a whole—a disservice if we did not highlight Rove’s position as a cannabis company that’s making major waves through their commitment to modern innovation and a DIY-approach to their cultivation and production practices. Rove combines marijuana enthusiasts with their own manufacturing spaces to facilitate their unique packaging, highly developed supply chain, and unique product formulations. The result? Better, tastier cannabis products with an emphasis on organically-grown strains.


Rove is clearly on a mission to set a new industry standard and we’re proud to carry their products here at HyperWolf. If you have not already done so, place your order for a few of their vape cartridges and pre-rolls here!


Kikoko is especially progressive in their approach to cannabis; creating products and campaigns that are specifically geared towards women. The brand was founded by fabulous female founders (Of course!), and follow six unbreakable rules that guide their business practices:


  1. No assholes
  2. Equality for women
  3. Unrelenting quality
  4. Generosity of spirit
  5. When it all goes horribly wrong… laugh
  6. Make an impact


Also incredible principles to live by; however, their impact on the industry is found in their incredible product formulations from tasty teas, mints, tinctures, honey, and highly-dosed cannabis tablets. Additionally, Kikoko is committed to guaranteeing sustainability throughout their entire cultivation and production practices — what’s not to love?


Trust us on this one, you need to include a Kikoko product in your next HyperWolf delivery order, and you can do so here!

Space Gem

What started as a humble operation in Wendy Baker’s kitchen in Humboldt County, CA has since grown into a successful line of handcrafted vegan edibles that contain locally-sourced cannabis. Free of dyes, harsh chemicals, solvents, and fillers, Wendy Baker’s mission to share Humboldt’s quality cannabis and help people to live healthier, happier lives has not changed and continues to drive her passion for high quality, artisanal edibles.


If you have not already tried Wendy’s artfully crafted edibles, you can shop Space Gem’s products for delivery here!


You know them, you love them, and for some of us, you can’t sleep without them. Kiva is a women-owned brand that crafts some of the best edibles on the market. From chocolates, to gummies, Kiva Confections is a leader in the global industry, paving their own way through the industry while rooted in their initial mission to change how the world views and uses cannabis for the better.


Kiva is easily regarded as one of the most popular and recognizable brands in the cannabis space, and we are incredibly grateful and proud to carry and consume their brand. If you haven’t already added a tin of their gummies to your order, you can do so here!

Yummi Karma

Yummi Karma perfectly exemplifies what it means to be a women-owned cannabis brand. They were first established in 2014 by two sisters and have since maintained a chief executive staff predominantly made up of strong females on a mission to cultivate high quality cannabis while making strides in the weed industry.


While they are known for their tasty tinctures taglined to “actually taste good,” their newest line of concentrates and topicals are just as aligned with their commitment to the highest standard of artisanal cannabis that is meant to be implemented into your daily routine.

Left Coast

Left Coast Extracts was founded in sunny Oceanside, California and is known for producing high quality concentrates, vape pods, and cartridges. The company takes great pride in their west coast roots, which is clearly shown through their unique strains and exceptional extraction techniques. More than anything, Left Coast Extracts is committed to total transparency to ensure a stable future for the company — do not miss out on an incredible vaping experience; shop their products for delivery here!


With so many incredible female-owned brands in the cannabis space, our team here at HyperWolf is excited to continue uplifting and supporting women in marijuana.