Hyperwolf Rewards Program

HyperWolf Rewards Program

You asked, and we delivered. After much consideration and fine tuning the details, we’ve finally rolled out our rewards program.


The long-awaited program rewards you for doing what you do best: smoking weed. We wanted to thank you for your loyalty to HyperWolf, so we set out to create a system that gives you the freedom and flexibility to shop at ease while earning points along the way — no sign-up fees, no lengthy enrollment process, no BS. Welcome to the Wolfpack. 


Wolfpack Snapshot

Our latest website upgrades make it incredibly easy for you to monitor your rewards points. 


Simply log in to your account and click on the profile icon. 



From here, you’ll be redirected to an overview of your profile with options to view your rewards status, see your entire order history, edit your account settings, access our help center, learn more about our Covid-19 protocols, and even apply for employment. 


Mobile app dashboard - HyperWolf Rewards Program


If you select to view your rewards status, you’ll first see your Wolfpack Snapshot, which is simply a quick visual summary of your orders placed, Wolfpack points, hours saved ordering delivery versus visiting a dispensary, and the amount of money you’ve saved on avoided delivery fees. Check out your own rewards account by clicking here


How does it work?

It’s simple: once you’ve created a HyperWolf account, you’ll automatically be enrolled into our rewards program; meaning, upon placing your first order, you will immediately begin accumulating points to redeem on purchases. From there, you can redeem points for money off at checkout.


Points are redeemed 100 at a time:



100 points will give you $2.50 off your order

200 points will give you $5

300 points will give you $7.50


… so on and so forth.


Pack Members earn 1 point for every $1 spent

While Pack Leaders earn 2 points for every $1 spent. 


In order to level up from a Member of the Pack to a Pack Leader, you must first collect 2000 points on HyperWolf.com


Please note that points expire within 60 days. In other words, if you do not make a purchase within 60 days of your previous purchase, your rewards points will expire from your account and no longer be useable. 



Unlockables are specific achievements, whether weekly or once-in-a-lifetime, that you can set goals to unlock. Not only do these achievements give you the chance to collect more rewards points, but they give you a chance to explore our menu, try something new, and join the game.


Are you ready to play?


For a full list of the current unlockables available on hyperwolf.com as well as a short description of each achievement, view the Unlockables tab under your profile and stay tuned for more achievement releases coming soon.


Please note that unlockables expire within 30 days after earning, and you have 7 days to use your birthday unlockable. 


Referral Program

It’s no secret that the demand for weed delivery is growing all across Southern California, but you’re already riding with the best — so why not spread the word?


Keep your friends and family from having to undergo the tedious task of trial and error to find a weed delivery service; instead, direct them straight to HyperWolf to experience SoCal’s premier destination for on-demand cannabis. And to reward you for sharing the love, we’ll give you and whoever you refer $20 of rewards points upon your referral’s first order. It’s that simple.


Senior & Veteran Discounts

Here at Hyperwolf, we believe that age (and the wisdom that comes with it) deserves to be rewarded, not disregarded!


So, we’re excited to announce our senior discount! Customers age 65 or older will receive an automatic 10% off on all weed delivery orders. Yep, you read that right. No secret handshake, no decoder ring, and certainly no discount code needed — just pure, unadulterated savings.


And, of course, we’re grateful every day for our veterans who put their lives on the line to protect our country. To show our appreciation, we’ve introduced a veteran’s discount. This discount applies an automatic 10% off on all future orders with a valid military ID. All veterans will need to click our live chat to verify their military ID.


Please note that both the senior discount and veterans discount will not be applied to any products that are already discounted. So, for example, if a product is marked at 25% off, you can choose to either use your senior or veterans discount or proceed with the publicly discounted price… we imagine you’d go with the latter.


Once again, it continues to be our greatest pleasure curating and creating the highest standard of cannabis products, and we look forward to helping you Find Your High as we keep growing and advancing while giving back to our community. Should you have any questions or feedback regarding our rewards program, please feel free to contact us.