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Beyond Flower: The Rise of 710 and the World of Cannabis Concentrates

If you’ve come across the term “710” and found yourself scratching your head in confusion, don’t worry, you’re not alone! The ‘710 meaning’ often leaves people puzzled, but it holds great significance within the cannabis community.


This cryptic number has roots in the world of cannabis culture, where it signifies a celebration of a specific type of cannabis product.


In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into the world of “710”, exploring its cultural context, significance, and impact. From the origins of “710” to its present-day interpretation, we’ll shed some light on every aspect of this unique term.


So, stay tuned and keep reading to learn more! Oh, and take a dab while you’re at it. Let’s begin!


Origin and History

The term “710” holds a special place in cannabis culture. Its roots can be traced back to the efforts of the cannabis community to create a day for celebrating cannabis concentrates and oils.


When flipped upside, “710” resembles the word “OIL”, which is symbolic of cannabis concentrates.


The adoption of July 10th (7/10) as a day to celebrate cannabis oils and concentrates is a big deal in our culture! Just like how April 20th (4/20) is widely recognized as a symbol of cannabis celebration, July 10th is gaining traction and acceptance within our community.


Celebrating 710 is a clear sign of the growing influence of concentrates among stoners in our community, and the acceptance of cannabis in our overall society.


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Understanding 710

When we dig deeper into the concept of “710”, the individual numerals hold a lot of meaning. The number seven represents the month of July, while the number ten signifies the tenth day of that month. This super specific date, 7/10, has been embraced by the cannabis community for a one-of-a-kind celebration.


The term “710” itself, when flipped upside down, happens to spell “OIL”, a super important symbol in the cannabis culture that speaks volumes about cannabis concentrates and oils. This clever play on numbers and letters showcases the innovative spirit of the cannabis community, shining a light on the growing influence and acceptance of cannabis concentrates in our society.


So, the celebration of 710 is not just about cannabis, but also a testament to the amazing creativity and resilience of this vibrant community.


Celebration and Culture

The significance of “710” goes way beyond its numeric representation in the cannabis community. It’s a day of celebration; a chance for enthusiasts and connoisseurs to come together and appreciate the contributions of cannabis concentrates and oils.


Community-wide events and festivals are organized, creating a vibrant atmosphere filled with education, advocacy, and entertainment. Additionally, many dispensaries will offer discounts or promotions in celebration of 710.


These events and discounts let us showcase the latest methods and products in the industry, fostering a deeper understanding and love for cannabis.


But “710” is not just about gatherings and events. It’s also expressed through various forms of art, like paintings, music, and fashion. This artistic expression helps spread awareness of cannabis culture and break down societal barriers, showing the influential power of “710” in shaping the cannabis narrative.


Evolution of Concentrates

Over the years, the process of creating cannabis concentrates has come a long way!


Thanks to technological advancements and growing knowledge in the field, we’ve witnessed a fascinating journey.


Let’s dive into the world of these concentrates, from their humble beginnings to the incredible products we find in the market today.


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Brief History of Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates have a rich and diverse history that dates back thousands of years. The first known use of cannabis concentrates can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where it was used for medicinal, spiritual, and recreational purposes.


The process of extraction and refinement has evolved over centuries, from the traditional methods of pressing and sieving to the sophisticated modern techniques that yield high-purity products.


Types of Concentrates and Their Popularity

There is a wide variety of cannabis concentrates available on the market today, each boasting distinctive characteristics and effects. Some of the most popular forms include hash, shatter, wax, and oil.


Hash, one of the oldest forms of concentrate, remains popular for its robust flavor and potency. Shatter, known for its glass-like consistency, is valued for its high levels of THC.


Wax, with its creamy and easy-to-handle consistency, is favored by those who prefer dabbing or vaping. Lastly, oils, including CBD oil and THC oil, are increasingly popular due to their versatility and ease of use.


How the 710 Culture has Influenced Concentrate Consumption

The increasing acceptance and celebration of the “710” culture has had a significant impact on the consumption of cannabis concentrates. It has helped to demystify these products, making them more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.


The tradition of celebrating “710” has not only raised awareness about the multitude of benefits and uses of concentrates, but also facilitated discussions about safety, quality, and the importance of responsible consumption.


This cultural shift has catalyzed the evolution and innovation in the world of cannabis concentrates, fostering greater diversity and refinement in products.


Concentrate Consumption Methods

On the cherished day of 710, individuals partake in cannabis concentrates in a number of ways, each method offering a unique experience. Common methods include dabbing, vaping, and ingestion.


Dabbing, using a specialized dab rig, is a popular method in the community due to the intense, instantaneous effects it delivers. Vaping, through pens and portable vaporizers, offers a discreet and convenient option, favored for its smooth and clean consumption.


Edibles, particularly those infused with cannabis oil, provide a longer-lasting and potent effect, making them a favorite among those desiring a more controlled and prolonged experience.


The Role of Technology

Technology has played a crucial role in shaping the vibrant 710 culture, especially when it comes to concentrate extraction and consumption.


The advancements in extraction technology have brought us cleaner, purer, and more potent concentrates. Just think about the sophisticated techniques like CO2 and butane extraction that produce a wide array of concentrates, from oils to wax.


But that’s not all! The innovation in dab rigs and vaporizers has been remarkable. These modern devices offer precise temperature control and improved efficiency, making the overall concentrate consumption experience even better.


And let’s not forget about the impact of technology on the 710 culture. It has not only spread awareness and broken down stigmas but also fostered connections within a vibrant and inclusive community centered around the appreciation of cannabis concentrates.


cannabis dabbing tools


Looking Ahead

As we look towards the future, it’s clear that concentrate culture and the significance of “710” in the cannabis community will continue to evolve.


Concentrates are becoming increasingly mainstream, with innovations in extraction and consumption methods driving this trend.


The popularity of “710” is set to grow, as more people become aware of the benefits of cannabis concentrates and the cultural significance of July 10th.


We’re excited to witness the rise of new cannabis concentrate products, along with technological advancements that enhance safety and enjoyment. These exciting developments are set to reinforce the “710 culture” and solidify its place within the wider cannabis community.



The rich tapestry of 710 culture weaves together a celebration of cannabis concentrates, a nod to our deep historical roots, and a peek into the potential future of cannabis consumption.


From the earliest beginnings of hash use in ancient civilizations to the dynamic, technologically-driven landscape of today’s concentrates, 710 stands as a symbol of progress, acceptance, and ongoing innovation. It’s like a guiding light, inviting us all to join in and be part of this vibrant community.


As we revel in the multitude of experiences that concentrates and the 710 culture brings, let’s remember to explore and celebrate responsibly.


As we pay homage to the past and anticipate the future, let’s do so with respect for the power of these potent products, and the wisdom to consume them in a way that enhances our well-being and the well-being of the communities we’re in.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does ‘710’ mean in the cannabis community?

In the cannabis community, ‘710’ is a term used to celebrate and recognize cannabis concentrates. When flipped upside down, ‘710’ resembles the word ‘OIL’, a type of cannabis concentrate.


2. What are some traditional ways of celebrating ‘710’?

Celebrations can vary, but often involve partaking in cannabis concentrates through methods like dabbing, vaping, or eating edibles. It’s also a time to appreciate the culture, learn about new products, and promote safe and responsible consumption.


3. What types of products are typically associated with ‘710’?

‘710’ is associated with cannabis concentrates in various forms such as oil, hash, shatter, and wax.