a black and white photo of a fountain.

Local Spotlight: Lola Gaspar

Santa Ana is a city fully immersed in Mexican culture. From the vibrant arts scene and local events to the preserved historical sites and the authentic Mexican restaurants, Santa Ana is a populous gem in the middle of Orange County.    However, one particular restaurant in Santa Ana has not only captured our attention, but… Read More »

a picture of a restaurant with a pizza on it.

Local Spotlight: Pie Trap Pizza

There’s just something about NY style pizza. The thin and crispy crust, the doughy center, and the ginormous slices that fold in on themselves… It’s a piece of heaven in each and every bite. Or what about Detroit’s doughy and thick, yet remarkably light, focaccia bread pizzas?    Both East Coast pizza styles are an… Read More »

a black and yellow photo of a restaurant.

Local Spotlight: Salt Oasis

Welcome to Salt Oasis. More than a wellness retreat, Salt Oasis is an escape from everyday life. Inspired by the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland, and located right here in Southern California near the heart of Rancho Cucamonga, Salt Oasis is your new key to unlocking optimal health and blissful tranquility.    The team over… Read More »

a close up of a sign for a mexican restaurant.

Local Spotlight: Chronic Tacos

Authentic Mexican food with a California vibe… look no further than Chronic Tacos.    It’s no secret that [arguably] the most authentic Mexican food in the US is right here in sunny Southern California; after all, taco trucks, family-owned restaurants, and the most authentic grocery stores you’ve ever stepped foot in are synonymous with the… Read More »

a black and yellow photo of haven city market.

Local Spotlight: Haven City Market

It’s no secret that Southern California is a massive stretch of land that encompasses a diverse variety of cities housing different landscapes, etchnic backgrounds, personalities, and more. With that being said, the options were endless when deciding where to establish Haven City Market.   However, due to its rich history and agricultural background, Rancho Cucamonga… Read More »

a black and yellow photo of a store front.

Local Spotlight: Little Coyote

Heading to Long Beach? Craving NY style pizza? Well, you’re in luck! Little Coyote is the place to go — one bite and you’ll be mentally transported to a pizza shop on a busy corner deep in the Bronx.    But we know what you’re thinking… NY style pizza in LA? There’s no way. But… Read More »

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Local Spotlight: Fight Syndicate

The mecca of mixed martial arts. A gym that breeds champions. A safe haven for the community.    Fight Syndicate has heard it all — and rightfully so! When Beau King, founder and Temecula/Murrieta local, founded the MMA gym in his hometown, he was backed by a deep passion for martial arts and driven by… Read More »

a black and yellow photo of a public house.

Local Spotlight: Edna Vees Public House

Covina is a city of locals — locals who show up, show out, and support each and every member of their community. So, what happens when two locals (and best friends) open a thriving public house that not only welcomes members of their community, but also supports local initiatives and hosts charitable events?    You… Read More »

a black and yellow business card for native fields.

Local Spotlight: Native Fields

Many restaurants in Los Angeles County offer an organic menu; however, few restaurants seek to provide options that nourish the surrounding community with a selection of dishes sourced from local farmers markets — guaranteed to be pesticide-free and non-GMO.    But then again, not many restaurants can compare to Native Fields: A locally owned, cafe-style… Read More »

a black and yellow photo of a bushfire kitchen.

Local Spotlight: Bushfire Kitchen

How do you define comfort food?    To us, comfort foods are the classic meals that we grew up with. Those Sunday night family dinners that were hearty, delicious, and undoubtedly heavy on the calories. But now as adults, cholesterol is a concern and healthy meals have routinely replaced those calorie-dense dinners we came to… Read More »