Weed Delivery in Los Angeles, CA

Cannabis delivered to a neighborhood near you

Welcome to HyperWolf: a world of weed delivered right to your door. A world that celebrates the creativity and diversity of our community, customers, and friends. A world where you know exactly what you’re getting from a cannabis delivery service: clean and potent cannabis products curated to find your high in Los Angeles.

The founders of HyperWolf are dedicated to offering the highest quality cannabis at the most affordable price because they, too, are cannabis connoisseurs. With their experience of working in the cannabis industry, they’ve been able to build deep-rooted relationships with partner farms across California which, in turn, benefits the quality and price of the cannabis sourced for HyperWolf’s menu.

From Humboldt to San Francisco and down to Los Angeles, HyperWolf has leveraged its relationships to pass on top quality weed and savings directly to its customers. So much so that there is no delivery fee for cannabis with HyperWolf. On top of that, you’re paying the same prices as you would in a dispensary with no hidden fees or product markup. By only partnering with the highest quality farms, you’ll always feel the difference when choosing HyperWolf.

HyperWolf is transforming the way cannabis is delivered by providing a variety of products to fit the needs of all cannabis consumers. Whether you’re a go-getter looking for the active strain to pair with your workout, or someone looking to help manage their pain, HyperWolf is always stocked with cannabis products in different varieties, doses and amounts – be it a pre-roll, an edible or an ounce.

Not only is it important to offer a wide range of cannabis products, HyperWolf is also on a mission to educate beginners about the expected effects and recommended dosage and delivery method of each product. HyperWolf educates beginners by providing them with a breakdown of the most important aspects of cannabis products, wrapped up in a way that is engaging so consumers can make safer and more informed purchases.

Your Favorite Los Angeles Weed Delivery Service

Fast service and free delivery are how we roll

We understand there are plenty of options for where to buy your weed in Los Angeles. That’s why at HyperWolf, we work to provide a unique experience from any other marijuana delivery service in California. From fast, reliable delivery drivers to unique products unlike any other in the industry, our elegant and efficient model for delivering premium quality cannabis is why you choose HyperWolf.

Fast And Reliable

Once you sign up with us, verify you are of legal age and fill your bag with the minimum purchase amount of $40, you’ll be able to submit your order. We’ll typically have a driver out to you within 60 minutes. At most, your order will take up to 90 minutes depending on where our drivers are in Los Angeles. HyperWolf doesn’t work with any average delivery driver like a weed DoorDash. Our drivers undergo a vigorous training program and are background checked, insured and certified by HyperWolf to guarantee a safe and secure cannabis delivery experience. We train our drivers to be quick, courteous and most importantly, safe. You’ll always be greeted with a smile and with our organized and proprietary system, you’ll always receive your correct order.

Well-Designed Experience

One look at our weed delivery menu and you’ll be in love. Our beautifully designed, concise list of easy-to-read product menus allow for easy selection of your favorite cannabis products. We always put emphasis on the quality of the cannabis flower strains, so if available, you’ll see a close up of the flower to give you as much of an in-person shopping experience as possible.

Quality Selection

We are committed to providing our customers with an ever-growing selection of legal cannabis products. By collaborating with some of the biggest names and brands in the game, you’ll always be able to find exclusive cannabis products at HyperWolf. From concentrates and edibles to seed clones for your personal use, our product curation is about balancing what we know our customers want with the quality and competitive price that you’ve come to expect when ordering from HyperWolf.

Available Soon Across California

HyperWolf is exclusively a marijuana delivery service that covers areas of Los Angeles, Orange County, the Inland Empire, and even down to San Diego. We pride ourselves in making cannabis delivery simple, easy, and safe for our customers, which is why we don’t have a brick and mortar cannabis dispensary. We put our focus on a delivery model so customers won’t have to worry about going to a dispensary and waiting in long lines ever again. From Orange County, Los Angeles and the Inland Empire, HyperWolf has you covered!

Find Your High With HyperWolf in Los Angeles

HyperWolf celebrates the creativity and diversity of our community, customers and friends. That’s why Los Angeles is so special to us. Not only is it the second largest city in the United States, it’s also home to people from 140 countries speaking 224 different languages. With so much diversity and different cultural groups in one area of the country, it comes as no surprise that there is plenty to see and do.

As legacy operators and cannabis connoisseurs, we know that consuming cannabis can be made even better by stepping outside and exploring your surroundings. When you’re in Los Angeles, there are few spots we’d recommend visiting to make your cannabis experience that much more fun and interesting.

For all the creatives out there, visiting an art museum in Los Angeles is a must. Drive down the 405, take a puff of your pre-roll and stop in for a visit at The Getty, an infamous museum highlighting American & European art, architecture & manicured gardens. Take the tram up to the top of a beautiful vista with panoramic views of the city.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is another art destination to cross off your list. This visual arts museum offers a collection of Japanese arts, modern and contemporary arts, paintings, photography, textiles, as well as Islamic arts. If you’re not looking to pay for a museum ticket, a picture outside of the museum inside it’s famous street light installation is always a must for Los Angeles tourists.

If art doesn’t float your boat, pop a gummy and enter into the world of childhood dreams at Disneyland Park located off Interstate 5 on the eastside of Los Angeles. This park has been open since 1955 and has maintained its popularity in Anaheim, California for more than half a century.

Disneyland isn’t the only amusement park in Los Angeles. For the real movie buffs, there’s always Universal Studios Hollywood. Known as “The Entertainment Capital of LA”, Universal Studios is one of the oldest film studios still in use and also functions as a fully engaged theme park with rides and installations based on your favorite movies like Jurassic World and Harry Potter. We’re not saying that the Hogwarts castle would be better after a hash-infused pre-roll, but we’re not saying it wouldn’t.

If theme parks aren’t Instagram-able enough, then the Hollywood Sign is definitely more your speed. This American landmark and world-renowned icon of the entertainment industry is the perfect destination in Los Angeles to stamp your “I Was Here” mark. While it is challenging to find your way up to the actual sign –many roads leading up to it have restricted access to tourists– there are still ways to get there if you’re clever enough. If offroading isn’t your thing, you can stop your car in many areas of the Hollywood Hills to get a great view (and pic) of the classic landmark.

If you’re looking to get a different view of the “stars”, check out the Griffith Observatory located on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park. Float into space with a dab followed by a visit to this planetarium that offers free public telescopes to help you explore the galaxy.

Another special aspect of Los Angeles and Southern California, in general? The beaches! California is known for its mediterranean climate, so if you’re looking to enjoy the natural beauty of the city, explore a list of all the beaches in Los Angeles county to find the right one for you.

Education and debunking the myths of cannabis is at the core of HyperWolf’s identity. We believe that learning the benefits of cannabis and how to consume it properly are key to the end of stigma in this country. For anyone looking to read more about the history of cannabis and the benefits you can receive from this magical plant, check out this whole list of Los Angeles libraries you can check out while you’re exploring the city.


HyperWolf delivers cannabis from 11am to 9pm PST. Last call for cannabis delivery is 9:30 pm. We currently do not have an option to place an order outside of our hours of operation. We are currently working on bringing this feature to our exclusive Hyperwolf Rewards club members.

Across California, you need to be 21 years of age or older to order weed delivery in Aliso Viejo or 18 or older with a medical marijuana card. Before receiving your weed, your delivery driver will ask for your ID to prove you are of age before providing you with your order.

For cannabis delivery on HyperWolf, orders can be paid in cash or card. For card payments, you will submit your card to be processed manually and you will need your ID for the check out process. We make sure the payment process is seamless so your delivery is as fast and easy as possible.

While cannabis delivery is now 100% legal in the entire state of California, even Aliso Viejo and San Francisco to adults over 21 (or over 18 with a medical recommendation), we understand that the stigma’s surrounding cannabis still exists. That’s why we ensure that our delivery drivers are driving in unmarked cars that are as discreet as possible. You can meet the driver at their vehicle, or have the driver come straight to your door.

To ensure that our products are helping the communities in which we serve, we search for small, women and minority-owned brands with an emphasis on helping disproportionately impacted communities affected by the War on Drugs. We work with these partners to develop brands that share our values, offer responsible consumption options and help us bring people together. As part of our mission to change the way people socialize and transact with cannabis, we seek out local businesses who similarly care about the communities they serve.

We always encourage our customers to show love for your marijuana delivery driver. Just think of it as an uber weed shop, you typically tip your uber driver when they do a good job , HyperWolf works with delivery drivers all just trying to earn an honest living. If you’re wanting to thank your driver, a 10-15% tip is always welcomed in cash.

Our weed is usually packaged in 1g, an eighth or an ounce. An eighth is 3.5 grams and an ounce is 28 grams.

The order minimum at HyperWolf is $40. With some delivery services you could sometimes look at $60-$100 order minimums so we tried to find the most accommodating minimum for our customers while still being able to offer free delivery and no other hidden fees.