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Moon Rocks 101: A Complete Guide to the Ultimate Cannabis Experience

The cannabis industry is full of buzzwords, but one in particular continues to captivate even the most devoted cannabis connoisseurs: Moon Rocks. So, what are moon rocks? And how do they influence your overall experience?   Marijuana Moon Rocks remain a subject of intrigue for many thanks to their distinctive composition and potent psychoactive effects.… Read More »

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Understanding a Quarter of Weed

Welcome to the world of cannabis measurement, where terms like ‘quarter’ play a big role in your buying experience. But what is a quarter of weed?   If you’re wondering if we’ve suddenly become a coin-counting guide, don’t worry. In weed talk, a ‘quarter’ doesn’t refer to coins, but it’s a popular measurement term in… Read More »

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Discover the Different Types of Edibles: Your Guide to Cannabis Consumption

Welcome to the diverse world of cannabis edibles!   Whether you’re a seasoned consumer or new to the scene, understanding the different types of edibles, flavors, and potencies is essential for a personalized experience.   Journey with us as we explore the various forms of cannabis edibles, THC and CBD ratios, proper dosing, and how… Read More »

Comparing Cured Resin vs Live Resin: What’s the Difference?

Cannabis enthusiasts constantly seek new ways to experience the plant’s myriad benefits.   Two popular types of cannabis concentrates have emerged in recent years: cured resin and live resin. But what distinguishes one from the other?   And which one is right for you?   In this blog post, we’ll dive into the differences between… Read More »

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Terp Pearls: The Secret Ingredient for a More Aromatic Dab Rig

In the ever-evolving world of dabbing, terp pearls have emerged as an intriguing innovation. But what are terp pearls?   Also known as dab pearls or banger beads, these tiny, heat-retentive balls have gained significant traction among stoners and are fast becoming an essential accessory in one’s dabbing toolkit.   In this guide, we will… Read More »

Dabbing 101: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use a Dab Rig

Dab rigs – a term you may have come across if you are a bonafide stoner, or one you may be unfamiliar with if you’re new to the scene. But do you know how to use dab rig?   Though similar to a bong, a dab rig is specially designed for cannabis wax, concentrates, and… Read More »

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Rolling with Knowledge: The Art, Science, and Culture of Blunts vs. Joints

Have you ever been curious about the differences between blunts and joints or wondered which suits your style better?   You’re not alone! As cannabis culture evolves and becomes more diverse, understanding the nuances between these two popular ways of consuming cannabis has never been more critical.   In this blog post, we’ll dive deep… Read More »

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Crumble Weed Chronicles: From Origins to Optimal Use of a Cannabis Delight

Crumble weed, a unique and versatile cannabis concentrate, has captured the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. But what is it that sets this crumbly delight apart from other concentrates?   This comprehensive guide will explore the origins, production process, consumption methods, and storage tips for crumble weed.   Get ready to dive into the world… Read More »

How to Roll a Blunt Like a Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you have yet to learn how to roll a blunt, you’re in the right place.   In the world of weed and cannabis culture, the term ‘blunt’ refers to a cigar that has been hollowed out and filled with marijuana.   Growing in popularity, blunts have become a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts for their… Read More »

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Beyond the Smoke: Exploring Overripe Buds

As the green revolution sweeps across the states, more and more people are beginning to explore the vast potential of this versatile plant. One critical aspect that other growers, novices, and veterans alike need to be well-versed in is the identification of over ripe buds.   Over ripe buds are essentially flowers that have matured… Read More »