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What is 420 Friendly?

Have you ever wondered “what is 420 friendly” when you stumble across a roommate ad or a dating profile? Don’t sweat it; you’re about to get the lowdown on what this term is all about.   First up, a little history lesson to set the tone. The term “420” traces back to the 1970s in… Read More »

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How to Tackle a Positive Drug Test: Friendly Tips and Advice

Dealing with a positive drug test can be tough, bringing a flood of emotions and many questions. Whether it’s because of a simple mistake, a reaction between medications, or a moment of poor judgment, knowing what to do next is key for limiting the fallout.   This blog is here to help by tackling the… Read More »

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What is Hot Boxing? A Stoner’s Guide

If you’ve ever asking yourself what is hot boxing, you’re not alone. Hot boxing is a favorite pastime among the cannabis community, where stoners light up in close quarters to enhance the smoke’s impact. Whether it’s a car, closet, or small room, the lack of airflow amps up the marijuana smoke for a more intense… Read More »

Cheech and Chong Bong Review: Is it Worth the Hype?

Remember that time when Cheech whispered to Chong about the secret to enlightenment being “just one bong away”? And Chong, wise as ever, replied, “Dude, it’s also the secret to forgetting where you left your car keys.” Ah, those were the days — filled with laughter, questionable decisions, and the iconic stoner comedy duo gracing… Read More »

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Mary Jane Munchies: Exploring SoCal’s Finest Cannabis Restaurants

Welcome to the world of greens where the munchies meet their match! Southern California has sprouted into a veritable Eden of cannabis-infused cuisine found all across the region in the form of cannabis restaurants.   It’s like the Wild West, except this time, the gold rush is green, and the cowboys are chefs with a… Read More »

Grind Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Weed Grinders

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? That glorious moment you’re about to roll one up and bam! You realize you don’t have a grinder, let alone one of the best weed grinders.   What follows is a desperate MacGyver-like improvisation that results in an unevenly ground plant, a mess of a smoke, and a feeling… Read More »

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The Groovy Green: Exploring 1970s Weed Culture

Traveling back to the groovy 1970s, we find ourselves in a decade full of cultural and historical significance. From anti-war protests to the arrival of disco, this decade was nothing short of transformative.   Amidst all the chaos and change, one symbol stood out – weed from the 70s. This innocuous green plant became a… Read More »

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Clearing the Air: How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

As you wander past the unmistakable scent of cannabis smoke wafting through the air, you may find yourself wondering how to get rid of weed smell.    The distinctive and often pungent aroma, while appealing to some, is not always appreciated or appropriate in every setting. This necessity for odor control, therefore, becomes a crucial… Read More »

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What is 420? Unraveling the Origins and Culture of a Cannabis Phenomenon

.If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what is “420,” a code that seems to echo through cannabis culture, you’re not alone. This enigmatic number has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon, far transcending its humble origins and becoming a cultural sensation in its own right.   From stealthy whispers in high school hallways to bold proclamations… Read More »