What is Cannabis Tolerance?

Are you struggling to get even half as high as you did when you first started smoking? Or does your favorite flower strain fail to hit nearly as heavy as it used to?    If you can relate to either of the above, you more than likely have a high cannabis tolerance.    In this… Read More »

Boveda: Humidity Control at its Finest

It’s the same cycle on repeat: You purchase an eighth of flower, maybe neglect to store the container in ‘ideal conditions,’ and suddenly find yourself with dried out weed in just a few weeks’ time. It’s the plight of the modern stoner.    Enter: Boveda.   Boveda packs disrupt the aforementioned cycle by keeping weed… Read More »

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

If you’ve ever had to take a drug test, you may be familiar with the anxious anticipation leading up to the results, especially if you’ve consumed THC in recent days. Maybe you’re taking a drug test to land your dream job. Maybe you’re taking a court-mandated drug test. Or maybe you’re just trying to detox… Read More »

Is Cannabis Addictive?

If you attended middle school between the years of 1983-2009, then you most likely completed the D.A.R.E program. If not, we’ll catch you up to speed; basically, a police officer taught ‘Drug Abuse Resistance Education’ to classrooms all across the country. We vaguely remember something about a required essay and a lion mascot, but we’ve… Read More »

11OH9: The Compound Behind the High

Even the biggest stoners can agree: Edibles. Hit. Hard.    Throughout the weed community, edibles are notorious for being an extremely potent way to consume cannabis. A dose even slightly over your tolerance level can easily have you questioning every life choice you’ve made up until that moment. However, this isn’t to scare you! But… Read More »

What’s Your Mood? Indica vs. Hybrid vs. Sativa

  Indica, sativa, or hybrid… What’s your go-to?   Since April of 2022, we’ve been enjoying all of the latest updates to hyperwolf.com; from the new user interface, to the Wolfpack Rewards Program, and everything in between. While surfing through our menu, you may have noticed a few new icons:     Our ‘mood icons’… Read More »

What are Moon Rocks and How to Smoke Moon Rocks?

There’s high… and then there’s moon rocks high. If you’re looking for an out of this world lunar experience, these nugs are for you.   Super concentrated and incredibly potent, moon rocks are the cannabis connoisseur’s secret weapon to achieving that nostalgic numbing high that feels just like the very first time you smoked a… Read More »

Does Weed Expire?

It’s an inevitable fact of life that most consumable goods expire at some point. From the loaf of bread in your pantry, to the head of lettuce in your vegetable drawer, and even that bottle of Tylenol that you’ve had in your medicine cabinet for a few years, everything has that printed ‘best by’ date… Read More »

Moisture Content & Curing

Hundreds of factors could potentially affect your toking experience. From physical elements such as your smoking circle to more technical factors like the terpene profile, it’s important to take note of your preferences in order to curate the best possible experience for yourself every single time.    We’ve already shared everything you need to know… Read More »

Best Practices for an Even Burn

Best Practices for an Even Burn

We’ve all smoked a bad joint at least once; if you haven’t, consider yourself one of the lucky few.    Maybe it was your first time rolling or maybe you were unfortunate enough to join an inexperienced rotation; either way, we can all agree that a few things happen when the joint isn’t packed quite… Read More »