Where the Miracles Began


Space Gem is the new frontier of cannabis edibles. 


What began as a labor of love in Wendy Baker’s home kitchen has quickly developed into nothing short of a miracle. Vegan, solventless, organic, and cosmic, each Space Gem edible is out of this world and handcrafted under the highest quality standards. 


Since 2013, Wendy and her team have perfected their recipe; saying ‘yes’ to Humboldt-grown cannabis, and ‘no’ to dyes, harsh chemicals, solvents, and fillers. The result? An exceptional edibles experience that helps consumers live their happiest, healthiest lives. 


After nearly a decade of operations, Space Gem has forever cemented themselves as leaders in the edibles industry; consistently crafting award-winning, high quality cannabis products with a whole lot of love in each and every bite.